Scotty is a Ninja that’s been showing support to TJF for a while now.  Nothing but respect to him, this story shows you a different type of Juggalo story.  Instead of focusing on everything a Juggalo currently is Scotty shows ya his musical history (before he stumbled onto ICP).  Obviously, Scotty is a loyal member of the Family but his story shows you how diverse the Juggalo Family is.

 What up ninjas? This be the one they call Scotty2Ballz, and this is my Juggalo story. Growing up, I have always had the love of music inside of me. I remember my first cassette tape was The Monkees Greatest Hits, and I would play that shit to no end. Then I heard Michael Jackson and was hooked to MJ’s music, where I started to do little dance performances to the Thriller album for my family in our living room. As I got older, I started to watch MTV whenever I wasn’t in school, or out playing. This was back when MTV actually played music videos, and it gave me more of a variety of shit to listen to. I remember getting Skid Row’s first album on cassette for my 10th birthday, and that helped my love of hard rock and metal begin. I started listening to all the 80’s “hair” bands. That was the same year I got N.W.A.’s Strait Outta Compton tape, and Gangsta Rap soon was in rotation. I went to my first concert when I was 13. It was Slaughter and Firehouse. The feeling of being at a concert and hearing the live music just blew me away. My next show was Def Leppard during their “Adrenalize” tour. Time went on and on, music changed, I changed. I started gravitating more to rap music, Dr.Dre’s The Chronic, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube..ect.That was my shit. And then I heard Korn. Fuckin loved Korn when they first came out. The first few CD’s they released were bomb, and metal was back in my bloodstream. Started listening to Marilyn Manson and Tool, hittin up as many concerts in the area as I could. I would make mixtapes of all my favorite shit, and had my girlfriend at the time pick some songs out. She had put one song on there that stood out from all the rest…..Mr. Johnson’s Head off the RingMaster album…….

The video above is an old one he made but he illustrates a point in it that I agreed with heavily……. Seems like he cuts through the BS and sees the real side of shit.

If you’re a youtuber go check out his channel.  Ninja stays up on the majority of underground news.  If I remember right he introduced me to Hopsin’s music early last year and has an abundance of underground knowledge in general.  Need more positive role models like him in the community.  Whoop whoop Scotty!



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