MzHollywood Interviews Portland Horrorcore Band DS8


Hello True Juggalo Family!

I love meeting new fam from all over and expanding my music collection on the daily. Portland’s own DS8 contacted me, I MUST share them with you all! Hope you guys enjoy their sound as much as I do! If you are a fan of bands like Tech N9ne, Potluck, and Kottonmouth Kings, you will dig their style! Definitely for those who want to party!

DS8’s members are: Killowattz -emcee, KnockTurnalemcee/vocals, B-Warevocals, Erebus-guitar, Otis Driftwood -bass, Mikedrums.

DS8 is a Rapcore/Horrorcore band from Portland, Oregon. These six member’s keep Portland weird…LIVE and UNDERGROUND! I always support the idea of hip-hop groups bringing back a live band to showcase the artist’s true talent. It really brings back the origins of rap, full of energy and lots of fun! The crowd interaction with the band is non-stop jumpin’ and pumps you up for the rest of the night! If they come to your town be sure to catch them, they are not to be missed! And they are a great addition to any Juggalo’s music collection.

Let’s get to know DS8 a bit more in my interview below:


Upcoming DS8 Shows:

June 10th- 7:00 PM- The Analog Cafe & DRD Records Theater, Portland, OR

June 18th- 8:00 PM- Malibu’s Restaurant and Lounge, Vancouver, WA

July 6th- 6:30PM- Hawthorne Theater, Portland Oregon *Battle for Warped Tour 2016*


Check them out LIVE! DS8- deton8- Live from Violent J’s Solo Charity Tour 2016:

Listen to more DS8 tracks here on SoundCloud:


                                                                                            WHOOP WHOOP!

~ MzHollyw00d

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