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diM. ( Death In Motion )

dimAlbum: diM.-Dias de los Muertos

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Hailz all True Juggalo Metal Family!

I couldn’t think of a better metal band to start this month off then Las Vegas, Nevada’s own diM. (Death In Motion). diM. is made up of 6 members – BeAsT – Vocals, bAstArd – Guitar, CarveR – Vocal, Samples, Keyboard, AsheS – Guitar, Mr. BlighT – Bass, TwiTch – Drums. Straight out the gate, these boys know how to tear up the stage! They have been known to jump off the stage and mosh while playing- the fan interaction is uncanny! Sometimes you even become part of the show! If you’re into bands such like Deftones, Killswitch Engage and Lamb of God, then you will instantly love their sound. They start off as a Pantera-like pounding sound with fast tempo changes that make you want to instantly mosh and you can’t control your headbanging. With twisted synth beats, driving drum blasts, tight bass bombs and screaming guitars, your wig is beyond split. Then BeAsT comes in and his vocal range takes you from angel to lord have mercy in seconds!   They have even opened for huge national bands such as: Agnostic Front, Divine Heresy, Fear Factory, Motorgrater, Mushroomhead, and Spineshank.

But did you know, they also played the Pendulum Stage at Gathering of the Juggalos 2015? The juggalos instantly were drawn to the stage and quickly began moshing with fellow juggalo family. You most likely saw these boys walking around the grounds non-stop with a huge metal pole diM. sign meeting new fam and giving out free merch. Fun fact about this band is BeAsT is also an independent professional wrestler!! Hello Kevin Gill– Get Beast straight to the JCW family! LV Juggalos- you’ve probably even seen these guys at local Psychopathic shows! Let’s rally and get these guys back on the stage for Gathering of the Juggalos 2017! #Eatabag and Check them out here:

Facebook: diM. Official


** Las Vegas Locals- diM. will be celebrating their 10th anniversary February 27th, 2016 @ House of Blues- Las Vegas with TOOL tribute band SCHISM, Sicocis, Wretched Sky , 21 Strong

Get your Tickets now: TICKETS HERE  **Contact diM. and they can hook you up with a FREE ticket- Let them know I sent ya 😉 **

I ROCK! You ROCK! Together, We ROCK!

\m/ MzHollywood


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