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Hello True Juggalo Family!

First off, Happy Juggalo Day Weekend 2016! WHOOP WHOOP! I was so excited to hear last year at Hallowicked 2015, the return of Esham and an additional day added to Juggalo Day 2016. As soon as tickets were available, I snagged my tickets to both days. Traveling from the West coast, I always get so hyped to return to Detroit as it is the home of the WICKED Clowns, Insane Clown Posse. It doesn’t get any better than being in the city where hatchet history all started.

Day 1: St. Andrew’s Hall- Detroit, MI- JCW & KillJoy Club

This was so EXCITING! Every time I walk up the stairs of St. Andrew’s Hall, I always get covered in goosebumps! The history of this venue alone makes it so worth the trip out. Many huge musicians have started at this venue. As soon as I entered the building, a huge JCW ring is set up in the center of the floor. I wasn’t sure how the show was going to have the music acts and wrestling. It was as simple as having the wrestling go first and then a quick strike of the ring and BAM! Now, there’s standing room for the concert attendees. Props to Mosh Pit Mike! Rude Boy said the kindest things about him! The power of PMA! I definitely see scissors in a different light! Thank you to everyone in JCW for always putting on a great entertaining show for us!

Juggalo Day Weekend

Photo by: Cara Beezy

I finally caught THA HAV KNOTS and from what I saw- I can’t wait to hear more from them! Lil Wyte came out and shocked and rocked the crowd! Lil Easy E took us back through the classics and we all relived STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON! The atmosphere in the room was filled with so much excitement and juggalo love! Everyone was so amped to see the main event KILLJOY CLUB! Saint Andrew’s Hall was ALIVE! You could feel all the love for Koopsta Nnicca in his honor, he will never be forgotten. RIP Koopsta. We also missed Crunchy Black as he is still locked up. Young Wicked came out and sang his vocals in part of the show. He was a great addition to the evening. As soon as the KillJoy Club hit the stage, it finally hit me that I was there. I was at JUGGALO WEEKEND 2016! Seeing fam from West Coast to East Coast from Canada, Australia, UK- Seriously we are EVERYWHERE! All in one place at the same time- totally a mini Gathering! Rowdy pit on the right side of the stage with fans singing every song verbatim! This show gave me so much JOY it was worth every second being there.

Day 2: Harpo’s- Detroit, MI- ICP Ringmaster

I have heard every Juggalo from Detroit talk about this venue! I was so happy when I heard that I was finally going to see what this venue had to offer! Three levels to stand on, huge glass globe ball lights hanging from the ceiling and what looked to be like a 8-foot stage with no barriers or security guards. So much room in this place- no wonder it sold out twice! Molly Gruesome started of the show getting us all pumped in the pit! I love to see female rappers that slay a stage! Swag Toof, they make me hungry for lettuce! I first heard of them from YouTube and the bumpin’ #toofgang videos! Schooool’s out! The crowd went wild for these guys! King 810, first time I was introduced to his music and definitely new music I will bump. All great on stage and I heard a lot of juggalos talking about these artists. Can’t wait to hear more from them as well.

Mushroomhead, metal band out of Cleveland, Ohio, always is a blast to watch! I can’t get enough of the creepy, yet sexy Mushroomhead masks and dope drums with water! I can’t wait to catch them on tour this fall. This place was PACKED! I made it down to the second level as Esham Tha Unholy took the stage! YES, I said it ESHAM! Esham blew all of us away as he gave us that Acid Rap Wicked shit slap to ya dome! I loved seeing new and og fans singing and bustin’ out fresh freestyle dance moves in the pit. Anytime Esham performs, you are learning the history of Detroit from the king himself!

As the fans prepare to scramble to get their last drinks and potty breaks before the Wicked Clowns hit the stage, the lights dim out and …. Twiztid came out and surprised everyone there! Thank you Twiztid for this extra present on Juggalo Weekend- totally made all our hearts so happy!
Juggalo Day Weekend
Finally, ICP begins playing the intro to Ringmaster. A huge Black and Gold banner drops down the wall with a Ringmaster logo. Mike E. Clark was in the fk’n HOUSE spinning as the clowns took the stage! It was so awesome to hear the whole Ringmaster CD played LIVE! That’s what makes Juggalo Day/Weekends rock with a theme CD, they play it front to back! Any song you ever wanted to hear live or haven’t heard in a long time- well, here ya go! It was definitely like going back to past and reliving every moment, memory, detail of your life in each song. This whole CD has the classic bangers on it! Murder Go Round, Chicken Huntin’, Mr. Johnson’s Head– I loved the ICP backpack with his head in the bag! I couldn’t stop laughing at the dancing cockroaches during Bugz on my Nuts. Way to toss the Faygos, Juggalettes, on the stage during Love Song. Some lettes threw as far as the second level!
Juggalo Day Weekend
I forgot how fast and upbeat this album was until I was covered in my own sweat and delicious Faygo showers as I had to catch my breath! On the last song, the confetti cannons shoot all throughout the pit covering the theatre as well as us faygo covered Juggalos and Juggalettes! Literally, I had confetti for days in my bra! Fans finish the Faygo Armageddon aftermath with hugging, smiling, sharing sips of leftover Faygo in the bottles and spraying every last bit on to each other. This is that magic of the dark carnival! Can’t wait to do this again next year! WHOOP WHOOP!

I ROCK! You ROCK! Together, WE ROCK!

Bonus Content-
JUGGALO WEEKEND 2016 CONDOM CHALLENGE with Kings of Status Underpaid Andy!
Special Thanks to Steven Razorblade for capturing the sweet video, editing and finding a condom. #KoS Underpaid Andy for allowing me to Faygo bomb him. Manic from Cali for perfect aim on Andy’s head. **No #KoS was harmed in the filming of this video** 😉 Enjoy! WHOOP WHOOP!

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