MzHollywood Recaps Vans Warped Tour 2016


Hello True Juggalo Family!

Vans Warped Tour is the appropriate name for this tour now that I’m in my 30’s, it was as if I was warped back to age 13 all over again! I started off the day meeting up with my friends (both fellow Juggalettes) and headed down to the venue. This year, I was able to attend the San Diego Vans Warped Tour being that it was held at Qualcomm stadium. This location intrigued me as the city plans to tear down this stadium soon and there are talks that Vans Warped Tour would be one of the few acts left to play at this venue. Once we arrived mid-day to the gates- we didn’t expect to have the crazy fun-filled day that we did!

I was really bummed to have heard the San Diego Local hero band, New Found Glory had opened up the show bright and early at 11:20am. I can’t blame them though, I found out later in the day they played early to get more family time in as well as see a Padres game. Guess I’ll have to catch them next time along with Good Charlotte, who took the day off for press releases for their new album launching real soon.

I couldn’t believe how many people packed the stadium parking lot and rocked the day away! I LOVE Reel Big Fish, so it was a no brainier to catch them first! Reel Big Fish certainly SELLS OUT the best concert every year! If you have never seen them live, please do- you will not regret it! I enjoyed watching the mom’s  in the pit as well as get crowd surfed! Never underestimate Stacy’s mom in the mosh pit!

After Reel Big Fish, we ran to another stage where the band Ghost Town was playing. I found them in my YouTube feed years ago and have followed them for awhile and finally got the opportunity to see them. I really enjoyed the energy these 3 musicians and their talents shine on stage! The only miss for me was when the singer asked the crowd to sit down and pop up when he says too as that is a staple to any Slipknot show. Other than that, they are a band to keep watching.

We looked ahead at another side stage and saw a big crowd forming and headed over to see what the commotion was. It was the band Atreyu. I have seen these guys a few times and they never disappoint live. They are the true meaning of FAN interaction! We walked to yet another stage and saw SAY WECANFLY. It was important for me to check out Braden because he is an Canadian act that is hard to see in the US. His writing is incredible and his voice is very soothing. Yet another name I recognized from YouTube.

We ventured back to the main stage area and caught Falling In Reverse. I have seen this name over every backpack, shirt, and any item in Hot Topic. I finally watched this band on stage and instantly fell in love with the bands stage present, looks, music and they had a crazy amount of fans to back that all up. I honestly was just waiting to see if the lead singer was going to lose his shit on stage as it has been rumored he likes to do random A-hole things. Soon after Wakka Flakka Flame hit the stage and the party went from headbanging to humping. He certainly was out of the music genre but he certainly killed it on stage! We even heard him say “Juggalo” in one of the songs. Guess he still remembers the magic of Gathering of the Juggalos.

We ended the night off with some more flashbacks to our childhood with some Less Than Jake and Sum 41! The crowd went wild for these bands and several circle and mosh pits broke out. It was really cool to meet some of the kids who admitted this was their first show and to think that this was my 9th Warped Tour! This is where it all begins for the newbies! And who said punk was dead?!

Can’t wait to go to Vans Warped Tour again! Certainly always a blast to support live music and keep the punk scene alive! You also leave with a free awesome sunburn, so don’t forget the sunscreen next time people. Attached is my video experience of how fun my day was. Hope you all enjoy it!


~ MzHollyw00d

\m/ I ROCK, You ROCK, Together, WE ROCK! \m/

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