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Hello True Juggalo Family!

Mzhollywood here, I was able to catch the second to last show of this tour at the Los Globos venue in Los Angeles, California. I love this venue for the fact that it is so intimate with the artists. This concert hall feels like you are at a house party, because there is no real stage barrier. You could feel the energy in the room and the show didn’t even start yet! Juggalos and Juggalettes came from all over different areas of California, some even from out-of-state to catch this show.

First off, to start the night was local artist from La Puente, California, Buddha-Man. Buddha-Man is no stranger to the Los Angeles scene out here as he has performed many times before a Psychopathic Records artist. He keeps the crowd live and is legit with the soul rap. It’s a nice change for the ears to hear an artist express topics like family, friends and positive messages. Very professional as far as having very respectful lyrics. I don’t believe I heard one swear word. Many local ninjas were already running to the front of the stage singing and dancing and interacting with him on stage. I can’t wait to see him shine on stage again! Check out more of his music here:Buddha-Man

Next was yet another local artist group , Madopelli Music. This was the first time I have ever caught this band live and I was instantly down with the dope beats and versatility of each emcee’s voice and most importantly- I could understand the vocals! All eyes were on these guys as they jumped on and off stage with the fans and slayed the stage with super fast flows! I would say if you are a KMK or Strange Music fan, you will love their sound. Certainly had my girls and I shaking our money makers! Check out their video here: MADOPELLI MUSIC (Smoke the pain away)

nova mzhollywood, Violent J solo charity tour

Nova Rockafella then took the stage in her local home turf of Los Angeles. She certainly may look cute and innocent but she also packs a punch with her sassy lyrics and quick witted jokes. Mad props to Nova for staying at her merchandise table to show support for the opening acts. Then, returning back after her performance to meet fans and take pictures. I was shocked at how many guys knew her music and even pushed their way to the front row to show their love. Nova’s music was featured in the movie The DUFF and she continues to party with the Juggalo family from Gathering to a venue near you! Check out my little sister here: NOVA

Mzhollywood, Violent J solo charity tour

 Lil Easy-E certainly knows how to get the crowd HYPE! Being that most of the songs represent California, the songs couldn’t be more fitting! I love watching his shows as they truly become family as his friends and family join him on stage. I was never able to catch Eazy-E the legend himself perform, so this is so cool to see his son Lil Eazy-E is keeping the West Coast Legacy alive.

Then DJ Carlito came out and spun a few jams and got the crowd ready for the DUKE! As the lights dim, Violent J and Young Wicked joined him on stage. You know that magical feeling I’m talking about you feel when you see the Duke of the Wicked, you can’t help but smile and scream out a huge WHOOP WHOOP! I’m not going to even lie, I did miss Shaggy 2 Dope, but Young Wicked did justice backing up vocals as Violent J sang his heart out in every song. I noticed that his set list packed a lot of the heavy hits, new & old. It was a nice way to showcase few of Young Wicked’s songs off his album, Slaughter, as well to give Jay a breather. My favorite song of the night was the acoustic version of “Another Love Song.” I really enjoyed watching Violent J. I could tell he needed to get a lot off this chest on this tour and you could definitely see it in his facial expressions as well as hear it in his vocals.

How many of you can honestly say they didn’t scream their asses off at this show?! I know I am still recovering from singing so loud. I think you guys heard me all the way to the east coast! After attending Juggalo Day ’16, I could not wait to see this tour knowing that the proceeds will be going to St. John’s Children’s Hospital of Illinois. Violent J, Young Wicked, Lil Eazy E and Nova Rockafeller even collaborated on a song titled “Sick Kidz,” a limited edition EP which you can only purchase on the tour dates or on Click on the image below to be sent to the link directly.

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I ROCK! You ROCK! Together, WE ROCK!

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