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attila logo

Attila logo

Hello True Juggalo Family!

Yet another Metalcore band in the GOTJ 2016 line up, Attila will be taking the main stage. If you like bands such as Trivium, Killswitch Engage or HedPE, you will certainly dig their style.

Attila is a Metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia. For those who don’t know what “Metalcore” is, it is a blend of hardcore metal and punk rock. Lead singer, Chris Fronzak created the band back in high school liking the name “Attila” from the book Attila the Hun. They already have 6 full-length albums out, getting ready to go back in the studio for yet another and have been on numerous overseas and US tours- currently in Japan. Fans of Attila are called Villians. They have even been spotted in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie trailer showing their band flyers displayed on the walls.

I can already see the guys in the crowd forming a mosh pit and the ladies rushing to the stage to scope out these delicious eye candy metal boys. They certainly bring a new level to Party Rock with PARTY METAL! GOTJ 2016 is certainly the year of the Metalcore.

Let’s show them what Juggalo love is! Remember, they are here to entertain us and have been selected by Psychopathic to come out and even agree to play the show. Take out all your anger in the brutal pit.

Attila current members-  Chris “Fronz” Fronzak – Vocals, Chris Linck – Guitar, Kalan Blehm – Bass,  Sean Heenan – Drums

Attila Official website

Are you about that Attila life? Check out the video below:

Keep up with Attila even on Snapchat, here are there SN’s: Chrisfronzak, Chrisattila, Kalanattila, Seanheenan.

~ MzHollyw00d

\m/ I ROCK, You ROCK, Together, WE ROCK! \m/


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