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Time to weigh in! Rocks or Rotten?! I recently went to the exclusive premiere screening of Rob Zombie’s newest horror film, 31. If you weren’t able to make the special event party, 31 will release in all theaters on October 21st. This movie is non-stop everything you are looking for and expect from a Rob Zombie movie- Sex, Blood, and UTTER mind fuckery. And let’s be completely honest, to watch SHERI MOON ZOMBIE!

Without giving away the whole premise of the story, a quick cliff-notes version of what happens in this movie. This movie starts you off in 1976, 5 carnies travel late night and end up stopping in complete HELL. The 5 main characters are captured and must play a game called “31”. They have 12 hours to escape and defeat the evil that lurks behind every corner. Who will survive?

This movie had me at the edge of my seat the whole time. A few times my heart jumped out of my chest! I can totally see this as a maze during Halloween with great fun characters to play.  It was the first time in a Rob Zombie movie that you could follow completely understand the story and have no misunderstandings or logically think about, as he loves to do. All the actors were completely perfect for the roles they played.  And let’s give it up for a fellow Juggalette actress, Sandra Rosko, who plays one of Satan’s Slaves. Sandra has also worked as a cast member for Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare. WHOOP WHOOP!


Sandra Rosko with MzHollywood at 31


** Just released, next year you can meet the full cast of 31 at the biggest horror-con, Texas Frightmare (DFW Airport, Texas)- May 5, 6, and 7th, 2017. Get your tickets HERE!

Needless to say, this movie ROCKS!

Rob Zombie’s 31 Trailer:


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