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Good morning fam.  I can sum yesterday up in four words.  Dark Mother Fucking Lotus.  I mean, what story could I possibly tell that would be better than seeing Dark Lotus live?  There is none.  However I will do my best to fill ya in on yesterdays goings on at the Gathering Of The Juggalos.  However first, I need a bottle of water.  Fuck my hangover.


So Thursday…  Did I say Dark Mother Fucking Lotus yet?  I should also be saying RYDAS also…however I turned into a bitch and passed out at like 3am.  Don’t take 3am naps.  Not going to work out for you.  However lets rewind the clock to noon.  The start of JCW Tryouts.  What a beautiful disaster that was.  It wasn’t literally a disaster.  It was very entertaining.  We had 30 something people with limited to no wrestling experience, mainly none learning on the fly to be in a battle royal at the beginning of Bloodymania.  Not gonna lie though, if not for having to work my ass off to get to as many activities as I can for pictures and this blog, I would have totally done it.  Watching people take their first painful and awkward bump was fun as hell actually.  Learning body chops and body slams. Relearning what they already know, sure it’s scripted but pain is very real.

Up next was the AMB seminar.  Y’all read what went on there yesterday so there isn’t much left to say about that.  I wish I could have live tweeted it or something, however my phone crapped out on me yesterday morning.  Charging port burnt out on it or something.  So my internet access is limited to my computer now.  Hey, I finally got my car in here so that’s a plus, right? Now onto the Juggalo Gong Show.

Sadly I missed most of that.  However either on the way there or on the way somewhere else I saw a girl getting finger banged by a blowup doll.  So that was interesting.  So Gong show.  I saw the winners revealed.  3rd place got a blow up doll.  Yeah.  A kid won second prize.  That was cool so see.  A guitar player won first place and a fresh plaque.

After that I needed to lie down, my head was spinning.  Hydrate y’all.  Hydrate.  Can’t stress that enough, hydrate.  After a quick rest and re-hydration I was off to catch some of the faygo launching contest.  That was interesting in in itself.  I must have missed the good launchers, because the one’s I saw kinda sucked.  I can’t wait to see how I compare to them when launching faygo to a sea of juggalos during ICP’s set tomorrow.

After that it was onto Liquid Assassin.  Did I mention LSP is THE SHIT.  Don’t sleep on LSP.  Don’t do it.  You’re gonna miss out.  SCUM has his shit going on.  Liquid Assassin is just more proof of it.  His shit is so fire.  The LSP brand of Gorehop  is very real.

Next up was Big Top Stage.  Aquaelo’s high energy set lead things off there.  I admit, it’s not my style but they go all out.  Always moving, what I found that I liked most about their set was their facial emotions.  Something very underrated in a stage performance.

Following them was Boooooooooondox.  I love Boondox.  He is one of my favorites on the Psychopathic label at the moment.  I was very excited to shoot this one.  I can’t wait to show y’all the pics either.  Boondox is straight to the point, no bullshit.  He does the songs you want to hear and he does them well.

Puddle Of Mudd was up next to change thing’s up a bit.  I was just as interested in their set as I was in seeing how the juggalos would react to them.  Puddle Of Mudd rocked their shit.  I’m a fan of them, it was nice to see them up close.  The juggalos responded well for the most part.  If you’re going to be an asshole and throw shit, don’t fucking throw fireworks fam.  You put every ninja in front of you at risk when you do that shit.  A firework exploded a few inches from my set so I got the fuck out of the photo pit.  However, it didn’t seem to last longer than that so, I was happy to see that.  Puddle Of Mudd did all their hits plus a couple of covers.  Black Sabbath’s War Pig was mixed into their song Control, they also did a cover of Rolling Stone’s.  I think it was Gimme Shelter, but I honestly don’t remember.

Following them up was Flosstradamus.  I’m not a big fan of dj set’s.  Not really my style, and that’s what they were.  Honestly I took some pictures then got something to eat.  There is a taco stand here at the Big Top stage, it’s priced nice and is fucking amazing.  Menace and I ate for 14 dollars total.

Dark Mother Fucking Lotus was up next.  As y’all saw on periscope, I was hype as fuck for them.  It was literally a dream come true to see them live.  Could have died and went to Shang-ri La.  Straight up.  How could it get any better?  Oh yeah, the wicked clowns themselves are tomorrow.  I wish I could talk about Dark Lotus live, but words just will not do it justice.


Even after that freshness, there was more to come.  The lingerie contest, and Dj Clay’s party.  I didn’t spend much time at the lingerie contest, because I really wanted to peep Dj Clay’s party, but don’t worry, I took some photos for y’all.  Not much to say about these other than beautiful lette’s in lingerie and beautiful lette’s dancing.  Being on stage taking in all the action at DJ Clay’s party was in an experience in itself.  Also hearing a security guard tell me that next year he is bringing his wife to enjoy everything while he works was pretty cool to.

Sadly that’s where my night ended.  I passed out, and missed Rydas.  Fuck.  Onto Friday’s action.  I am off to JCW Tryouts for day 2 of that after I eat and hydrate.  See y’all soon on periscope.