NaptownMike’s Gathering Blog Day OneGathering

Day one of the 2015 Gathering Of The Juggalos is officially in the books. Da Mafia 6ix just got off the stage a few minutes ago.  What a day it was.  With performances from ABK to Zug Izland to Tech N9ne.  There were so many great performers today, it was impossible as a TJF staff to check them all out.

The day started out with getting to the main gate at 7am this morning to be there as the running of the bulls, I mean the gates opening.  They look kind of one in the same.  The gates open and hundreds of ninjas come sprinting down the main road leading into Legends Valley.  It was a constant stream of juggalos entering the grounds for a couple of hours, and the line at the ticket booth lasted even longer than that(I still don’t have my parking pass).

Although the music started at 3, it really started for us at 4pm with 50 Shades of Snuff featuring LSP(Lyrikal Snuff Productionz).  50 Shades Of Snuff was an amazing set consisting of songs from multiple artists on LSP including Scum(LSP owner),  Insane Poetry, and a few others.  Each member went hard on their tracks, and the crowd got larger as the set went on.  This led to a signing announcement on the last song of their set.  LSP officially announced the signing of Claas.  Claas is a long time homie to TJF, he’s had our back since the beginning and True Juggalo Family is proud of our homie and look forward to seeing his career progress.  I also did a one on one interview with Claas on periscope, and Claas dropped week 26 of the #50in50Challenge exclusively through True Juggalo Family.

Next came the cookout exclusive to All Star Experience pass holders.  Menace and I both have All Star Experience passes so we were treated along with 40-50(rough estimate) other juggalos to a catered dinner with Psychopathic Records.  We missed Big Hoodoo and most of KMK‘s set due to this, although we did have a photographer there and will have pictures uploaded when they are ready.

Following KMK was Anybody Killa.  His set was amazing.  He played his usual setlist with the inclusion of a song off his upcoming album.  Shapeshifter was the first song out of the gate from ABK and came with what appeared to be zombie dances and fire breathers.

Following ABK was Hopsin.  Hopsin was someone I’ve been wanting to see for years now, and it was truly a pleasure to be able to experience his live show.  I’m not generally a fan of when artists spend a lot of time talking to fans DURING a set, however I understand the benefits of that crowd participation.  Hopsin had a perfect mix of crowd interaction and actually performance in his set.  His set featured a good blend of old and new hits spanning from Sag My Pants to Crown Me.

Following Hopsin was the Big Top stage headliner Tech N9ne.  If you have never seen Tech N9ne live, I would suggest fixing that real soon.  Tech brings it hard to every set, every time.  He even referenced his first tour with Psychopathic Records the Wicked Wonka Tour where he went on stage injured for a time.  Tech also did a career spanning set with his band of Psychos.  Since Hopsin had performed earlier in the night I had hoped to see him come out for his verse in Am I A Psycho?, however it wasn’t meant to be.

Zug Izland was next in line for me.  Zug has always been one of my favorites on the label, and I was not disappointed in the very least.  They played all the songs you would expect to hear from them, and Syn sounds just as he did 13 years ago.  I walked away very happy.

The much anticipated Danny KAE performance was the next one I went to.  What a clusterfuck that was.  If you tuned into the periscope broadcast of it, then you saw that for yourself.  He just “rapped” over his old cd and seemed to not have rehearsed for a return performance.  I felt bad for Violent J, that could not of been the performance he was dreaming of when he brought Danny to the Gathering.

Following Danny KAE, I went go see T-Ryde.  I have to give this ninjas props.  It is said that you should give the same performance to 5 people as you would 5 million people(okay, I’m paraphrasing it a bit, but you get the point).  T-Ryde was the epitome of this.  He had a small crowd of what appeared to be some of his friends, however he went balls out during the portion of his set that I saw.  Much respect to T-Ryde for that.  The ninjas has skill, and it’s a shame that there were not a lot of fam there to witness it.

Following T-Ryde was Da Mafia 6ix.  I will be honest.  I didn’t see much of their set.  They started late and kept stalling in a weak attempt to build anticipation.  I don’t feel I can really give them a completely honest review.  By the they went on I was tired and annoyed with it.

So here I am laying in bed in the RV.  It’s almost 5am. Time to get about 4 hours of sleep, down some coffee and do it all again later in the morning.  My first day was a dream come true, even with the FUBAR moments towards the end of the day.  I go to sleep excited and ready to see what day two has in store.