NaptownMike’s Gathering Blog: Friday

NaptownMike’s Gathering Blog: FridayGathering

Friday is in the books, and it was a great fucking day. Every day is a great fucking day at the Gathering Of The Juggalos if you haven’t picked up on that yet. It’s become tradition to go check out JCW training at 1pm, so that is what I did. Rope running started off training today, althought I am very curious why they didn’t do that right after bumps on Wednesday. After that was Suplexes. With an impromptu match between one of the trainees and Ring Ryda Blue. This student learned really quickly not to challenge his master. The match ended a few minutes with the trainee losing after an interferance from Ring Ryda Red. A true ryde or die homie.
After JCW tryouts was the LSP Fan Appreciation. Let me just say this. Before the Gathering I had only heard of SCUM. Never had met him, heard his music, or seen him period. SCUM is a great fucking guy fam. He does not half ass ANYTHING. When you meet him, he greets you like fam. Which yeah, like every juggalo should. However, SCUM makes sure you know you’re family. When he goes on stage he goes balls out. When he shows appreciation for his fans. He fucking shows it. The entire LSP crew does. Pouring drinks with fans, drinking drinks with fans. With the help of TJF‘s Menace, grilling some amazing food for the fans, I mean family. After the LSP event, SCUM could be seen in the crowd at the Pendelum stage. A fan first. I love and respect that.
After the LSP event, I stayed at the Pendelum stage for Bulletproof And The Fool, representing my home state of Indiana. They performed as part of the Windy City 4/20 party. Which featured FAYGO Dogs from my homies in the Local Clown Crew. If you’ve never enjoyed Batmans delicious dogs. I feel sorry for ya. He boils hot dogs in grape faygo then finishes cooking them on the grill. They taste great with some cole slaw, or you could eat them plain. I don’t think you can go wrong with these.
The Big Top stage was now ready to pop off with Jaaaaaaren Bentoooon. I’ve seen Jaren before when he toured with Rittz. Homie has progressed his game in the couple years since I’ve seen him. Nice crowd participation, but doesn’t over do it. There is a fine line there. After Benton came Potluck. I don’t smoke much but, that does not take away from their set to me. They got some skill. When I say some skill, I really mean they are fucking awesome. Underrated has an amazing flow, and I he is appropriately named. I would put his game up next to anybody.
Blaze followed Potluck. What can I say about Blaze. You know what to expect, and he delivers. Every. Time. Blaze delivered last night as well. After Blaze came Dope DOD‘s first ever performance in America. While I was not really entertained by it, the Juggalos ate it up. In This Moment was up next in what was one of the stongest line ups of of the week. I love their music. Their singer though. Let me preface this by saying I love her singing voice. However the theatrics behind her voice seems forced and that takes away from that. However, fuck my opinion because it works. They slayed the stage, and the juggalos loved it too. Twiztid headlined the Big Top stage. I did my 3 songs in the photo pit, but I admit I went to take a shower. A short line to no line at the shower is next to impossible to be seen. I knew there would be one during Twiztid, so I got a nice shower.
Continuing with the freshness of the night was Ill Nino on the Carousel stage. I have been a fan of Ill Nino since their major label debut in 2001. Their mix of their hispanic heritage in heavy metal is amazing and beautiful. It can really be seen in their early songs such as How Can I Live. Their set rocked the fuck out. They admit they weren’t sure what their reception would be, but the “juggalo familia” took them in.
Back to wrestling with the JCW Oddball Brawl. We live streamed some of this for y’all. I also got to watch a 3 on 1 handicap match, featuring Zack Gowen. Truly a handicap match. Teaching a lesson in prevailing through adversity, Gowen took the 3 count win. Up next was the Bloody Battle Royal. It’s just like the Royal Rumble except you have to be bloody when you go over the top rope to be eliminated. Up next was the Lucha barbed wire match which we live streamed most of before heading to see Wolfpac.
You don’t go watch a Wolfpac show, you experience a Wolfpac show. Wolfpac is an experience. Don’t miss out a chance to witness a Wolfpac show. You get some killer music with dances, and fireworks on stage. I got a bit nervous when a live roman candle landed very close to me on stage. Some members were body slamming each other in the mosh pit. The dancers were doing their thing. The group is just amazing that is all there is to it.
Finally, Madchild closed out the night. Madchild was an honor to be able to shoot footage for. It was a blast, and his music is very personal to me. We were blessed with the opportunity persicope and shoot the entire set. Madchild fucking brought it. This was my first time seeing his show. First time meeting him, and I was shooken up being able to tell him my story. It was very rewarding for the both of us. He also gave us a shout out which should be posted soon if it hasn’t been already.
This sums up what has been the best day of the week. The line up was stellar, and can only be topped by what I will be experiencing in a little over 12 hours. Until next time fam. Much Clown Love. Whoop Whoop!



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