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So my first night at the Gathering is complete.  Sort of.   The Gathering hasn’t officially started yet.  I got in early with a Ballas pass.  However we still went out into the parking lot party.  It included anything you could want to drink or take plus a chicken golf cart and a Jedi!

I do have pictures of some of this, and the blogs I make will be updated with those pictures when I can.  However, let’s get back to the topic at hand.  The first night at Legends Valley.

It started for me at 11:10am.  That when I hit the interstate from Indianapolis.  The drive itself was smooth sailing for the most part.  Not even 10 minute into Ohio and I ran over(couldn’t really avoid it without causing an accident) a tire killer(huge fuckin’ pot hole).  I thought it might have got my tire(it did a van I saw down the road), so I pulled over to check my tires and make sure all was well.  That’s when Deputy Dog(bonus points to whoever gets the movie I’m referencing) pulls up and asks if I need help.  I politely explain about the pot hole and that I was checking my tires and politely declined his help, he decided I was a perfect candidate for a search(maybe it was ICP blaring from my speakers?).  After watching a K-9 walk around my car and not sniff anything he wanted, I smiled and was on my way(I don’t smoke so it was a waste of time from the beginning).

I finally pull into Legend Valley around 2:45 and meet up with Main G. Dogg.  I shoot the shit with him or a bit and finally catch up with Menace.  After hanging with  him and Scottie D of Faygo Luvers, it was time to get in line to get Ballas Pass and VIP credentials.  That was an experience in itself.  We get up there and nothing is set up except for a trailer.  After being asked to(and reluctantly) moving back every couple of minutes for an hour they finally start distribution.

Fast forward a couple hours, and we are finally in(after getting stuck in the mud too) and plugged into the electricity.  Menace and I give TMML (Found) a listen, and then I write the review during a second listen.  It was then time to check out the sights.  So we went to the parking lot party where I proceeded to see a Jedi, and a fucking chicken golf cart.  I shared a beer with fam, met a ton of fam(I’m horrible with names so I apologize in advance for not remembering ANY names).    Kind of a boring blog tonight, but the real fun/work starts in 3 hours.  My alarm is set for 5am to get set up for TJF work at the gate.  So it’s time for a nap then to get back to work.  Being here is a fuckin’ dream come true fam. Tomorrow the Gathering starts and it all gets real.  I can’t fuckin wait.