Neca Toys and Greatness : Two Nouns in a Toy Box

The Simpsons 25th-anniversary toy line that included seasonal guests like Bret Hart and Stephen King? That was NECA. The green Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface, and purple Jason, based on the old NES games? NECA. The countless, painfully detailed Alien and Predator figures? NECA. The 40th anniversary Rocky remake including two variants of both Rocky and Mr.T? NECA. The company that purchased the vinyl toy brand ‘Kidrobot’ (creators of the infamous Dunny and Munny lines as well as Kidrobot Black), and put legendary designer and artist Frank Kozik in charge of future art direction in 2014? Yep, that was NECA too.
Year after year, NECA dominates the shelves in brick and mortar toy stores, as well as pages on toy webstores world-wide. Since their beginning with more limited articulation on figures and a dream to take over the toy industry, they have grown in leaps and bounds to reign as one of the largest license holders in the action figure industry, as well as one of the most difficult companies to compete with as far as their Quality Control goes.
As far as I’m aware, very few companies if any can compete with the detail and precision of NECA’s products. With the price range they offer for their figures and what is acquired with a purchase, it’s difficult to say no.


NECA's 2016 Contra figures


The main reason they are difficult to compete with other than sculpting and detail is their legal ability to create pieces with no ramifications due to licensing ownership. Whether you want movies (House of 1000 Corpses, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, AvP, Wayne’s World, etc), music (they recently released a nice Weird Al Yankovic figure seen all over the internet, and have done The Fiend of Misfits fame in variant colorways, various Iron Maiden figures, John Lennon, Joey Ramone and Kurt Cobain figures among others), television, video games (Castlevania, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Contra, and God of War to name a hand full), Kaiju, or pop culture figures (including Marvel and DC), it is safe to say they have something for everyone. Not only that but the pieces are backed by the owners of the property rights.


Leatherface from NECA's video game line

Leatherface from NECA’s video game line

New Toys Announced at New York Toy Fair

In 2016 NECA previewed some great (and unexpected) releases at the New York Toy Fair, some having been released already and many yet to hit the shelves. They recently started shipping their Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 line, starting with a beautifully detailed Leatherface. As well, they announced a line that I’m super excited about personally, the new House of 1000 Corpses figures of Rob Zombie fame. They will have an initial release with Captain Spaulding in all his painted up, fried chicken wielding glory. They also promised more corpses to come, according to their twitter account. The mystery behind that statement leaves an excitement in my belly that is much like moths to a flame. Will we see more of the Firefly Family? Dr.Satan? Or literally a barrage of corpses? With a license to a franchise like this, there really is absolutely no telling. I’m personally hoping for an amazing Tiny Firefly figure to add to my collection.

NECA's 2016 Captain Spaulding

Another piece that NECA revealed at NYTF this year is their 1/4 scale Hulk, a figure that clocks in at around two feet tall in stature. If you need a conversation starter for house guests, this will probably do the trick. The 2016 Castlevania piece is beautifully detailed when it comes to its paint, and has one of the best accessories I imagine it could, a bat straight out of the video game itself (don’t worry, it has its own display stand for the realistic flying impression).

Another surprise release that made huge waves was the 1990’s 1/4 scale TMNT movie replica figures. The only one displayed was Donatello, but its movie likeness can’t be denied in any way. The quality and detail easily competes with companies like Sideshow Collectables. NECA is indeed dominating the toy industry this year.


Godzilla - StraightOutta1954


If you are a Kaiju fan you already know NECA is a household name in this area. The above ‘straight outta 1954’ figure may not be the tallest at six inches in height, but head to tail it measures at over a foot.

NECA also displayed some beautifully crafted ‘Pacific Rim’ Kaiju at NYTF 2016, honestly people, how are we supposed to not only afford them all but choose which ones to acquire first?

Which toys are you excited about in 2016? Whether NECA or any other brand, what figures are on your current toy wishlists?


NES Jason from NECA's video game line


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