Necro Butcher’s Final Retirement Match

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Hello True Juggalo Family!

With a heavy heart, wrestling fans, Necro Butcher has officially retired from wrestling as of June 11, 2016. He announced his final match at PWS’s Supercard 2016 show @ The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey.  His last match was a six man no disqualification tag team event with, Grimm Reefer, Smokey C VS Rhino, Sabu, Devon Moore.

We will never forget his JCW performance at Gathering of the Juggalos 2013, when he fought against Rude Boy and actually broke his leg! Watch video here.

Let’s not forget that not only was he a legendary wrestler, he is a featured performer/actor in the movie, The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rourke. He certainly has quite a list on his acting resume for documentary films and wrestling matches such as, Choose Death: The Necro Butcher Story Volume One.

necro butcher mzhollywood

Necro Butcher & MzHollywood GOTJ 2013

I hate goodbyes but I am so fortunate to have met Dylan Summers aka Necro Butcher. Thank you for always putting your best performance in every show as well as putting your body through mass amounts of pain! By just simply meeting him made me fall in love with wrestling once again as he was so passionate about the sport. He was always on the go taking every booking he could. He’s also a fan favorite because he would take time to meet his fans, sign an autograph, and even teach a fan a move!  Your legacy will live on as well as our favorite memories of you! HAPPY RETIREMENT Butcher, enjoy it with some Beer 30! We will always remember your motto to CHOOSE DEATH!

Check out Necro Butcher’s wrestling below:


Necro Butcher & MzHollywood GOTJ 2012

 Feel free to share some of your favorite memories of Necro Butcher below and show him some love!


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