Neurotic November Fighting Words ReviewFighting Words


“Apparently Neurotic November is a five-piece deathcore band with an incredibly stupid alliteration for a name. Maybe Dongbag December and Jackoff January were taken.” Reviews such as this from Noisey serve as inspiration for Neurotic November’s sophomore album Fighting Words.


While there were plenty of negative reviews for their debut album ANUNNAKI, that hasn’t stopped Miami’s Neurotic November for striking back with a Johnny Cash style middle finger to industry.  This is in reference to the famous Cash middle finger photo only.  This 11 track album of devastation responds amazingly well to the mainstream critics of their debut album.

Neurotic November uses a bi-polar mix of “deathcore” with some hip-hop/rap, or “Hood Metal” as they call it, and does it well.  The media isn’t NN’s only target in tracks like Truth About You where vocalist Dee Dee explains

Truth About You’” is for every back stabber, everyone who said they had your back but didn’t. The one friend you thought you could trust but couldn’t. This album was written for everyone who has ever felt betrayed, and for those who don’t have a voice. It’s angry, violent, and brutally honest. You’re either with us, or against us. “Hood Metal” is going to be on the lips and speakers of every one who has ever loved us, and those who talked shit about us. We’re coming to dominate the underground.

Neurotic November performed at this years Gathering Of The Juggalos.  If you were impressed with their performance there, then you will not be disappointed with Fighting Words.


For a clear example of the Hood Metal brand that Neurotic November brings to the table I give you On The Come Up.  The track from Fighting Words features raps from three of the members and talks about making your way despite whatever backlash comes your way.

Overall, I give this album 3.5/5.  I admit it is an acquired taste for many, but personally I enjoy the album.  It is worth a purchase and it’s not too late to pre-order it here ahead of it’s September 18th release.

My personal favorites from this album are the two tracks mentioned above, Success To A Failure, and So Hollow.