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Neurotic November

Neurotic November, a Victory Records artist group who recently released their latest album Fighting Words last month, have played many shows for Juggalos all thanks to Twiztid.  They went on tour with Twiztid and were given a slot in the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos.  Due to her experiences with Juggalos, the bassist, known as Bear, of Neurotic November says Juggalos are misunderstood. recently asked Bear about how she felt at the idea of her band being accepted by Juggalos.  She offered,

“The Juggalos are probably the most underrated, misunderstood music lovers around the world. They kept an open mind when they saw a band setting up and gave us nothing but love. Touring with Twiztid was one of the most humbling experiences. They give back to the ‘Family’—there are no fans. They appreciate each and every one of the people who come to hang out, and even have a “signature handshake” where they bow to the audience at the end of every show. That’s not something you see every day.

“Now, imagine the biggest family reunion you can think of [with] live music, carnival rides, games, food—that’s what being at the Gathering of the Juggalos was like. People brought their tents, dirt bikes, megaphones, water guns, families, and pets to the festival. If someone needed help, you helped them. More than one time, coolers on wagons tipped over and without hesitation, people rushed over to help them pick everything up. ‘Help the homies out, let’s go.’  They feel that sense of family and unity. The humanity was strong. People would offer beverages and goodies to people they have never met before, just because, ‘We’re family!’

“At the Gathering, there are no ‘rock stars.’ No one is too good to go out onto the campgrounds and hang out with everyone. The Juggalos aren’t fangirls. They don’t rush artists. They settle for fist bumps and high fives; they genuinely appreciate the music and the artist. We’re incredibly thankful to Twiztid and their crew for inviting us to play the Gathering this year, and experience firsthand the magic in the air when people come together for a purpose.”

Original Article: Neurotic November Bassist Says Juggalos Are “Misunderstood”