new friday the 13th movie

New Friday The 13th In The Works?!

What’s up ya’ll!! Where are my Friday The 13th fans at? Could it be? Are we FINALLY going to get a new Friday The 13th movie? Word around the streets is that it is true.  After many years of the movie standing at a complete pause, they are ready to take the film, and start shooting.

Finally, Jason Voorhees, who we all know loves to slash and hack up some teens having sex and drinking beer while camping, will be returning to the big screen.  While at WonderCon, TooFab reported they spoke with the two producers of the upcoming new movie, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form.  The producers stated that there will be another movie out, but would not disclose when.

What do you think this story line will be for this movie?  Will it be at Camp Crystal Lake, or will it take place somewhere else super dark and mysterious? The producers also stated that Aaron Guzikowski wrote an amazing story and they can’t wait to make it!

Tell me what you think in the comments below, what are your expectations? What do you think the story will be like? I can’t wait to see the story line in this film! It’s been a very long, anticipated movie for all of us horror fans!

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