New Hatchet Herald Packed With Flava!Hatchet Herald
What is up Juggalos? ScottyBallz up here on a later Friday night to tell your ass to GO READ THE NEW HATCHET HERALD!!!! This one is packed with so much info, you’ll have to insert SD Cards in to your nostrils to retain all the information!

Brought to you directly from Violent J , the Hatchet Herald touches on Juggalo Day 2016, Violent ‘s Solo Charity Tour, a new CD packed with freshness called “Sick Kids” available only on the tour and HatchetGear feat. Violent J, Young Wicked, Nova Rockafeller and Lil’Eazy E! 

More info on the “Behind The Paint” Audiobook, and a brand new segment by Violent J called “Violent J’s Dating Adventures” and holy shit, his first entry is a must read!

I’m gonna quit rambling, go read it now!

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