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New Hatchet Herald Straight Out of Psychopathic

Psychopathic Records issued a new Hatchet Herald this morning spreading some recent news. Due to the fact Violent J is busy in the studio working on the new Behind the Paint audio book and who knows what other freshness J-Webb wrote this Herald full of the latest Psychopathic Records news. All the info on tickets for the Gathering, Violent J’s solo tour, and more is all included in this short issue of the Hatchet Herald.

Whaddup, fam? This is your homie J-Webb with this week’s edition of the wickedest newsletter on the dirt ball…the Hatchet Herald. Normally, Violent J writes these but he’s down in the studio right now working on some new flavor and continuing to record the audiobook version of “Behind The Paint,” which will be crackin yer skull at Gathering 17! Speakin as a Juggalo, I can’t WAIT to hear this masterpiece when it’s done! It’s filled with dope ass sound effects, background beats, special guest appearances and all kinds of flavor! I love to play an audiobook on my iPhone while driving to Psychopathic in my hooptie each morning, but most audiobooks simply have some ninja reading the text out loud with no extra flavor. But as you might expect, Violent J’s audiobook is ANYTHING but ordinary! It’s almost more like one of those old timey radio shows that they used to play in the 1940s, like “The Shadow” or “Inner Sanctum” (YouTube that shit; it may be old as fuck but some of those old radio dramas they used to do were dope!). So you’re definitely gonna wanna grab this baby on USB drive when it drops at Gathering 17 this July.

In current news though, let’s get to the real flavor: TICKETS FOR GATHERING 17 ARE NOW ON SALE AT WWW.JUGGALOGATHERING.COM! Tickets and passes went on sale on January 17 and within ONE HOUR of going on sale, all the Big Balla sites had been sold out. The Psychopathic All-Star Experience, which gets ninjas admission into a special backstage party with ICP and the entire Hatchet roster, also sold out in record time. I was in touch with Jumpsteady and Mean Dean via phone on the night tickets went on sale, and all three of us were just like “HOLY SHIT!” The Gathering site was CLOGGED AS FUCK for almost three hours while Juggalos were scrambling to get those Balla sites and tickets. We’re sorry to everyone who missed out on getting a Balla site or All-Star Experience, but you gotta be fast, ninjas! Especially since this is motherfuckin GATHERING 17, baybeeee!!! The number 17 has long been sacred in the Dark Carnival universe and something tells me this year is going to be *THE* Gathering by which all future Gatherings will be measured. So if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet for this year’s Juggalo family reunion, ya better get on that shit because you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!! Jumpsteady is working day and night on booking the best musical acts in the universe (Mad props to Jumpsteady—he is one of the hardest working, most dedicated ninjas I’ve ever met. For real) to perform at Gathering 17 but we DO know that our homies Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, Big Hoodoo, and Young Wicked will be there. And unless you’ve been living in a fallout shelter for the last few months, you already know that this year, at Gathering 17, there will be THE VERY FIRST LIVE PERFORMANCE OF VIOLENT J’s CLASSIC CONCEPT ALBUM, “WIZARD OF THE HOOD!!” This is Juggalo HISTORY in the making, friends! If that doesn’t make you want to get tickets now, you must not have a pulse. www.juggalogathering.com!

In more immediate news, tickets and VIP passes for Violent J’s Solo Charity Tour are now on sale at www.psychopathicrecords.com/tour-dates. This tour promises to be one of the freshest tours Psychopathic has embarked on for a while. First, all proceeds go to help the little patients of St. John’s Children’s Hospital of Illinois and giving to others is one of the things that our Juggalo family celebrates loudly and proudly. Secondly, Violent J will be touring in cities that haven’t seen an ICP show in a long ass time, like Seattle and one of our biggest Clown Towns…Denver, baby! And joining J on this trek is the prince of gangsta rap…Lil’ Eazy-E, who will be performing hits and classic from his late daddy Eazy-E. Also on board is the amazing, talented, and beautiful Nova Rockafeller, who totally fuckin schooled the Gathering stage last year and has achieved a great deal of underground acclaim with jams like “Batman” and “The 90s.” So get to www.psychopathicrecords.com/tour-dates (or click below) and GET THOSE TICKETS FOR VIOLENT J’s SOLO CHARITY TOUR, which kicks off in Seattle on March 14!

Also, don’t forget to get your VIP meet-n-greet package at Hatchet Gear and kick it with the Duke of the Wicked before the show! Show up an hour before doors open, get let in early, and enjoy some one-on-one time with that lovable serial killin clown, Violent J! VIP packages can be picked up here: http://www.hatchetgear.com/violent-j-tour

Finally, just a quick FYI—Juggalo Weekend is TOTALLY 100% SOLD THA FUCK OUT! Both days! SOLD OUT! We’ll see you in a few weeks where the world will witness the very first full concert set from The Killjoy Club and the Insane Clown Posse will perform the almighty 2nd Joker’s Card “The Ringmaster” in its entirety!

Until then, Juggalos, mad clown love to all of you, stay safe, stay fresh, and thank you for running with the hatchet!



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