New Horror Movies on Netflix September 2015

netflix-horrorAs usual, Netflix comes up just a little short. While September has a much stronger lineup than was offered in August, we’re not seeing too many actual new, attractive releases hitting the site. Rather, you’ll notice a number of true classics once more jump in the lineup. There’s also a bad ass Stephen King flick available to check out, one insane comic book adaptation, and a couple alien flicks that just might have you staring at the stars, wondering just what in the name of tarnation really is out there. Go ahead and take a gander at a handful of the more alluring pictures available on Netflix Instant this month!


Ejecta: There are a very talented group of individuals behind Ejecta, and if you dig trippy alien invasion flicks, heavily laced with paranoia, you’re in for a good time. The picture is well shot, features a handful of very memorable images and a damn fine performance from Julian Richings, who’s already more than put his time into our beloved genre. Worth a look? I think so.
The Scribbler: If you’re wondering why The Scribbler has the look and feel of a comic book, it’s because the film is actually based on Daniel Schaffer’s extremely successful graphic novel of the same name. What bodes even better for viewers is that Schaffer himself handled the screenplay, which means all of the frenetic chaos is true to source. It’s a wild tale of a woman struggling with intense multiple personalities, and it’s beautiful on film!
Stephen King’s A Good Marriage: A Good Marriage has been criticized by some, simply for being too tame, but it makes for an excellent and intriguing watch. The story is all about character, focusing on a man who’s been hiding his murderous tendencies from his wife for years, only to slip up – the woman learning the truth and battling her own moral code. What to do when you learn that the man you’ve loved for half a lifetime is a serial killer? It’s a question that produces powerful answers.
Sleepy Hollow: Sleepy Hollow is anything but a new film. It’s also made its way to Netflix about 20 times over the years. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s one of Tim Burton’s absolute best, Johnny Depp providing a beautiful lead performance. The horseman is terrifying, the murders are brutal and straightforward and the aesthetics of the picture are simply mind blowing. This is the perfect film to squeeze in as Halloween approaches.
The Monster Squad: Here’s another classic that makes its way back to Netflix. There really is no need to hype up Fred Dekker’s gorgeous homage to Universal monsters. It’s nostalgic for adults, it’s terrifying fun for kids and there are a great number of hearty laughs to be had. Even if you’ve seen this one 100 times, it never, ever gets old.
The Loft (September 23): The Loft isn’t an outright horror film. It’s a thriller in the truest sense, but it is also morbid enough to hold the attention. A bunch of scumbags run into trouble when their plans of conducting extramarital affairs in a secretive loft fall apart courtesy of a dead body. Yeah, this one has promise all over it! Toss in the fact that Karl Urban, James Marsden, and Wentworth Miller are all featured and you’ve got plenty of reasons to tune in.
The Walking Dead: Season 5 (September 27): You’ll have to wait until the end of the month, but Netflix will finally be adding the fifth season of AMC’s smash zombie hit, The Walking Dead. We don’t really need to tell you why you want to tune in, but we will anyway: Rick Grimes is a savage bad ass, Daryl Dixon is a lovable tough guy, Carol Peletier is a calculated killer and Michonne would just as soon remove a head with that sword of hers than issue a proper pleasantry. The Walking Dead is one today’s greatest ongoing series’, there’s no reason not to catch up on events.
Area 51: Oren Peli’s Area 51 doesn’t come close to matching the impact provided by his debut,Paranormal Activity, but it could easily be considered a lot better than the majority of critics have declared. If you read any random review you’ll probably see heaps of negativity flooding the page. That doesn’t mean it’s a total and complete waste of time. It has its moments, and it makes for a fair pairing with Ejecta, another similarly themed story. If you’re feeling out of this world, shoot for a double feature night.



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