New Necro Single “Body Bag Material” Available for Pre Order!

Since the early 90’s Ron Braunstein better known as Necro has been grinding hard in the metal/hip-hop scene. He pretty much developed Death Rap making his own beats from day one. Using soundtrack reels from horror and gangster movies his music is to die for. Born and raised in the projects of Brooklyn, New York he has hustled his way to create his own label Psycho+Logical Records. “I Needs Drugs” was released in 2000 and after that my personal favorite “Gory Days” in 2001, “Prefix for Death” in 2004, “The Sexorcist” in 2005, “Death Rap” in 2007, “DIE!” in 2010,  a slew of EPs, singles and a collaboration with Kool G Rap thereafter. You see, I meant what I said that this man has put in work from the beginning, because all while constantly releasing brutal and original music, he was creating beats and instrumentals for other bands and emcees such as Non Phixion and Cage. And always interacting with the Necromaniacs through social media.

Necro has also toured all over the world. He is currently banned from practically all of Europe due to an incident at a show in the Schengen Territory with some so called “fans” who were starting shit in the crowd. Of course, Necro being the true badass that he is along with his crew beat their asses and the “fans” later pressed charges. He may not be able to tour in Europe for three years, but this just means he is putting in more work here in the states to release more beautiful music for you to die to.

Currently, you can pre order his new single in three different versions, the single, instrumentals, and a cappella. The name of the single is “Body Bag Material”. He’s also got a new song with Reverie dropping May 27th called “Los New Yorkangeles” which is his first track ever done with a female. I’m going to go ahead and get excited and expect a full album to accompany these singles! 

necro los new yorkangeles body bag material

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