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New Renaissance Festival Hosted by Anonymous and Tech N9ne

Just a week ago the anonymous group dubbed Secret Anonymous Idea announced #OperationNewRenaissance. This op was supported by Tech N9ne and revealed thourgh a Youtube video. But the download link needed to enter what is now being called the New Renaissace Festival was being withheld until they got enough views on the first video announcing the op. Now the orginal video description has been editted and contains a download link which contains beats and graphics you can use in your video entry plus much more. The anonymous group has shared two more videos explaining the New Renaissace Festival supported by Tech N9ne and the rules for entry.

New Renaissance Festival #OpNewRenaissance

How to Enter

Though Tech isn’t seen in these videos, he is a big part of this. This is for all to enter and dispaly their talent. But this is also one way to get Tech’s attention. In the #OpNewRenaissance Facebook Group one adamin shared in preparion of revealing the dowload link:

In only 249 youtube views we will finally set loose the download to get recording artists and dancers started! In the download are 9 beats selected by us and Tech N9ne. Tech told us he can’t wait to hear what kind of music this will pull together from everywhere around the world. There are no guarantees that you will be signed to Strange Music, but if you play your cards right and impress their staff enough with your talent and the crowd reaction to it, there is a good chance you will get a call from Mr. Yates. If anything it might even be just a collaboration offer, either way this opportunity is rare because Tech and his crew are a busy group of people and they don’t always get to listen to the demos people send to them, but if you make enough noise and gain a huge response to your entry, there is no way they will miss you Let’s get this talent show on the road! Our revolution to overthrow the mainstream awaits!

Good luck and happy creating to all those participationg in the New Renaissance Festival!

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