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New Rittz Single “Propane” is Pure Fire

Today, Rittz dropped a new single, “Propane,” from his upcoming album Top of the Line, available May 6th. It features MJG and Devin the Dude. The instrumental reminds of some old smooth R&B or Soul music. This track screams, “Get in your ride and bump me!” It’s all about Rittz’s rise to the top, like the album claims he is Top of the Line. Then you got MJG and Devin the Dude tearing up the track. It’s all about producing that fire just like some Propane.

Really the whole track is fire. The guitar in this track is pure fire with its rip rocking riffs, if you ask me. Then, the combination of these three Southern artists truly light this track up. The difference in voice among them is striking, but leaves you with a full spectrum of fire lyrics. The point in collaboration is to get those different sounds. You put all these unique talents together and you got a track as flammable as Propane.

Then again, the undeniable talent of MJG and Devin the Dude is absolutely why Rittz asked them to collaborate on this track. Just read what Rittz told 2DopeBoyz in an email about his decision to collaborate with these two artists.

“MJG, to me, is responsible for the way so many Southern artists have rapped for the last twenty years,” Rittz shared with 2DBZ via email. “Devin the Dude is one of my favorite rap artists of all time, period. I used to ride around and study his syllables. The average ear might not pick up on Devin’s clever word play at first, but the way he raps has always had a huge influence on me as an artist. To be on a song with these guys is like being in the ring with Hulk Hogan. I never would have thought it would happen in a million years.”

So, without farther ado, listen to this fire new Rittz single. And, if you haven’t already go ahead and preorder Top of the Line.

Propane ~ Rittz Featuring MJG and Devin the Dude

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