Mono teases about a New Twiztid Mystery Show!

New Twiztid Mystery Show New Mystery Show being added? The other day on Periscope Mono teased us with some exclusive info. Apparently, there is a new Twiztid Mystery Show coming together. According to Mono, this new Mystery Show is taking place in Philadelphia. Not only that, but a theme was also suggested. They are going to be playing the “Freek Show” album in it’s entirety. Also, earlier today on their Facebook account, they asked who all had been to the Mostasteless Mystery Show in Rhode Island earlier this year. I can only guess, they are building up the hype for it. If you’re not following us on Periscope, what are you waiting for? We are always following all the live broadcasts your not able to catch. Not only that but we will be broadcasting our “Road to the Gathering of the Juggalos” on  our Periscope account (@Truejuggalofam). So those of you who can’t make it there this year, be sure to tune in for the LIVE action!


How many of you were at the Mostasteless Mystery Show in Rhode Island this year?

Posted by Twiztid on Wednesday, July 8, 2015


UPDATE: Twiztid  has announced their plans for a 15 year “Freek Show” anniversary show! The Freek Show is down on October 21st at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA.  Tickets go on sale via ticketmaster on Monday July 20th at 10AM.

Here is the official announcement!!! 10/21/15 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA The Demented Duo will be doing a once in a lifetime performance celebrating 15 years of FREEK SHOW!!! Tickets go on sale at 10AM via Ticketmaster on Monday (7/20/15).