News Week Covers FBI Juggalo Gang Hearing

FBI Juggalo Gang


Reports have been scarce on the hearing that went down on Thursday in Cincinnati.  Although we posted the audio, the national media apparently couldn’t less about our rights being violated.  Not that we should really be surprised.   However Newsweek put up a brief write up on the hearing.

On Thursday, members of the band stood before an appeals court in Cincinnati to officially counter the allegation made against Juggalos. Insane Clown Posse’s attorneys told the judge that the FBI had directed unwarranted ire toward the band’s fans, according to Associated Press. The appeal comes at the heels of a Detroit federal judge deciding that the Justice Department isn’t liable for how the national report on gang activity is utilized. But it’s unclear yet when a decision will be reached on the appeal.

Psychopathic Records weighed in on the topic as well


You can click HERE or on the image above for the full Newsweek article.




  1. This shit aint cool… we not a gang we dont kill we love and accept yes we drinkand do drugs (some of us) but everyone does it atleast once in their life it dont mean we r bad ppl… its stuff like this tht makes us need eachother everyone llabeling others wen they havnt been givin a chance… we r about love and togetherness i am a father and yes i drink but i also have a well paying job a wife and a house of my own… yet im a juggalo… i support my family and love them… does tht make me a bad guy i think not

    • man this shit is so fucked up why don’t they go mess with Eminem or some one else’s I mean if were really a gang as the fbi label us to be then shouldn’t any one with who have fans be labeled as a gang to come on this is bullshit and they know it so I say unto the FBI go fuck your selves.


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