No Escape Movie Review By Miss Juggalette

No Escape

No Escape is a brand new movie that will be hitting theaters this Wednesday August 26th. This movie is one movie you wouldn’t want to miss!

Owen Wilson plays Jack Dwyer a business man who moves his whole family from theirĀ Austin, TX home, to a place in Southwest Asia. Things seem to be going fine until Jack Dwyer goes to buy a newspaper in a little Asian town. Things take a turn for the worst when Dwyer meets up with a mob of angry people who are after all Americans.

Pierce Brosnan who plays Hammond tries to save the Dwyer Family by assisting them when things seem to be the end. We also meet a man who goes by the name Kenny Rogers, who is completely obsessed with all things Kenny Rogers. If you like explosions, people killing others out of rage and anger, then this movie is just for you! You have mobs of angry people, you have brutal murders, and you have those who are trying to just survive.

No Escape had me up against my seat and quietly yelling at the movie screen. This is one movie that had me nervous (for the children in the movie) throughout the film as well as cussing out the characters and what they should have done or shouldn’t have done. Peep out the trailer below and don’t forget to catch the actual movie in Theaters August 26th.