NRC Attendees– Rent The Jeffrey Dahmer House

jeffrey dahmer house

Jeffrey Dahmer House

Hello True Juggalo Family!

Hell House is officially on sale! You can now rent The Jeffrey Dahmer House which is in the perfect location of Akron, Ohio, not too far if you are attending the National Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. How much they want? How much they want? A grand total of 10K! A killer deal, complete with serial killing chilling history.

This house was Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home which is a total of 2100 square foot, 3 bedrooms and well enclosed by many trees and shrubbery.  In 1978, Dahmer killed his first victim, 18 year old, Stephen M. Hicks by dismembering his head and scattering his body parts around the premise of the house. He later moved to Wisconsin and by 1991, had killed a total of 16 victims. He was later killed in jail in 1994.

The address is 4480 West Bath Road, Akron, Ohio.

If you are intending to looking for housing in the area, book now or this deal will haunt you. NRC is July 18th-21st in Cleveland, Ohio.

This house is beautiful if you can see past its ugly history. Take a tour inside below:



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