Original CES Cru Reunite For Remix

Ces Cru

Ubiquitous, Godemis, Kutty Slitz, Sorceress and PersephOn, the ORIGINAL Ces Cru have gotten back together for a remix of their track Famished.  From Strange Music:

CES Cru took to Instagram in a pic with original members Kutty Slitz and Sorceress to let us know of something truly special on the way: the “Famished” remix. The Recession Proof fan-favorite will serve as a reunion for the original CES Cru, which consisted of five different members: Ubiquitous, Godemis, Kutty Slitz, Sorceress and PersephOne (who recorded her verse remotely).

JL, also pictured, is also on the remix. After having just signed to Strange Music and releasing a flood of dope bars on Strangeulation Vol. II, the Kansas City emcee is in prime form. His longtime affiliation with CES Cru (including the original members), makes him an obvious non-group choice for the remix.

With all things considered, the “Famished” remix is an event in hip hop and we can’t wait to hear the results.

Ces reunion for the #Famished remix. Shout out to @eyeleroy (not pictured)!!

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While the fact that they used to be more than a duo might be news to a lot of people.  Old school fans of group will be excited at the news of this.  Will we see more from the original group?  This could lead to more things down the road, but that is all speculation at this point.  We look forward to this remix.