Out of the Ashes: Hopsin Unveils Undercover Prodigy


It has been said that for every ending, comes a new beginning, and this certainly might be the case for Markus Hopsin. Former co-owner and long-standing artist for the recent music label, Funk Volume, Hopsin had been making it clearer and clearer that he was having serious doubts regarding his place in his former label, as well as his relationship with his then manager, Damien Ritter. In January, through a series of Twitter rants, Hopsin had begun to openly express his distaste not only for the management of his co-founded label, but of his personal relationship with Ritter, which had been heatedly escalating until this week, when it erupted into a full-on personal vendetta against Ritter, and Hopsin openly slammed his former partner in his latest Ill Mind of Hopsin 8 music video. The following evening, his former manager shared his opinions of the scenarios in a Spreecast video that detailed, in great lengths, the events that led to the split between Hopsin and Funk Volume. It appeared that after a furious financial debate and some slanderous remarks that had been made admittedly from Ritter, Funk Volume was to be no more. However, what’s done is done, and now, it’s time to move forward. Stemming for his own beliefs on the ethics of underground music, Hopsin founded his new label on the concept that many people, as well as himself, all have something special to give. People with true talent that go relatively unnoticed–the outcasts living lives unrecognized. The talents with no show and no audience but the stern belief that if given the chance, they could BE SOMETHING. Now, stepping out of the ashes of Funk Volume, Hopsin takes his next evolutionary step with UNDERCOVER PRODIGY, a label dedicated to his love of music, of artistic expression, but now with a brilliant new fashion line dedicated to the Hopsin name.

In an interview with HIPHOPDX, Hopsin was quoted with saying:

It feels great, great feeling, I’ve been waiting to get it off my chest for two months now. I didn’t want to resort to that, but the way things are going with the whole Funk Volume situation, it’s kind of rubbing me the wrong way, so I had to be vocal about it. That’s since I was a child, that’s been my way of venting so I just had to do what I do best and be vocal.

So now that Funk Volume is over and the era of Underground Prodigy is just beginning, what does Hopsin want next? He wants what rightfully belongs to him. Currently, he is in the process of a unnecessarily long legal battle over his previous content. A power struggle in which Ritter is refusing to give Hopsin his legal assets, that in all truth, should belong to Hopsin by nearly 80 percent. Regardless, he is pressing on. Refusing to live life under the thumb of oppression, Hopsin is convinced that the same success he made for Funk Volume, he can make again. Already he is making connections with artists in the Hip-Hop community that he never could before, talents such as Ty Dolla $ign and King Los, and all of it without the management he was previously contracted to. So make way for HOPSIN, who refuses to be anything but Ill, and make sure to show you support by catching him in all his wild antics on his upcoming HOP SOLO TOUR which is now booking dates nationwide.

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