P.O.D and In This Moment Collaborate on a New Song

P.O.D and Maria Brink from In This Moment are coming together and created a new song off P.O.D’s new album The Awakening. The song “Criminal Conversations” Maria brings a lot of intensity to the song.

In the interview about the track below, Sandoval reveals that the band first met In This Moment a few years ago during the Uproar Tour. The bands have instantly sparked up a friendship.

“The idea of ‘Criminal Conversations’ and the storyline once again is an intimate relationship that this character has, but maybe not a good one,” says Sandoval. “But [Maria] is not only in the song, she plays a character in the storyline. And I sent her the track, she listened to it, love it and they happened to be on tour at the time and they were coming here to shoot a video, so it lined up just perfectly that she was able to come in one night and just do her thing.”

You can pick up The Awakening in stores August 21st. You can also pre-order the album which also includes “This Goes Out to You” and “Speed Demon,” on iTunes and Amazon. Peep out where the band will be on the road promoting the album below as well as the complete album list.


01. Am I Awake
02. This Goes Out To You
03. Rise Of NWO
04. Criminal Conversations (feat Maria Brink)
05. Somebody’s Trying To Kill Me
06. Get Down
07. Speed Demon
08. Want It All
09. Revolucion (feat Lou Koller)
10. The Awakening


Aug 16: Bogota Rock Al Parque, Colombia
Aug 20: Los Angeles Mayan Theatre, CA
Aug 21: Anaheim Hose Of Blues, CA
Aug 22: San Diego House Of Blues, CA
Sep 08: San Francisco, DNA Lounge, CA
Sep 10: Portland Hawthorne Theatre, OR
Sep 12: Seattle El Corazon, Seattle, WA
Sep 23: Fresno Strummer’s, CA
Oct 24: Elverta AfterShock, CA