P.O.D. To Tour With ICP?POD

Okay, I admit I haven’t listened to P.O.D. in probably 13 years, I love their first two albums.  The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown and Satellite, but I haven’t listened to ANYTHING that they have done since.  However recently guitarist Marco Curiel of P.O.D. did an interview up in Detroit and leaked some information.

I’m pretty sure we will be. We are starting to get some more play there on WRIF. That’s a good sign and that usually means more demand. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t know if I can go to press with this yet but why not! I guess we’re going to be going out with ICP for a month in October. It’s a different thing for us but they keep inviting us to their Juggalo festival (The Gathering). At first we were like man, I don’t really know if we fit on this but it works and their fans are into it. So we were invited to do this new tour and we’re going to go do it. So what I’m hinting at is that we are going to be back out in Detroit for ICP’s Halloween show (Hallowicked) We’ve got invited and we’re going to be direct support and we’re looking forward to it. That being said, we’ll be back in Detroit soon!

I find P.O.D. to be an interesting pick to take out on the road.  The two fan bases aren’t generally the same(in my opinion, I could be wrong).  However with what the message appears to be in The Missing Link(FOUND), they would be a good group to take out on the road and tour with behind an album with a positive message.

Payable On Death better known as P.O.D. is a christian alternative/hard rock band that found it’s popularity start to skyrocket in 99-2000 with the release of their third studio album The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown which featured popular singles Southtown, School Of Hard Knocks, and Rock the Party (Off the Hook).

Their next release, Satellite(released September 11th 2001) would see them reach the height of their popularity off the singles Satellite, Youth Of The Nation(inspired by the Columbine High School shooting), and Boom.  In 2006 they recorded the entrance theme for former WWE superstar Rey Mysterio.