Papa Roach reaches out to Tech N9ne


So what do ya think family? Would ya like to hear Papa Roach and Tech N9ne do a collab together?  This is from Strange Music.

Rockfest is doing more than bringing together 50,000 people for the biggest one-day music festival in the country, it’s bringing artists together of the highest caliber.
Papa Roach, who will be appearing on stage at Rockfest, reached out to Tech N9ne, who will be playing the festival for the very first time. The lead singer Jacoby Shaddix, a big Strange Music fan, has given Tech a shoutout before, and hopes to link up with the first ever rap performer for Kansas City’s Rockfest.



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  1. That would be amazing but Tech needs to do a song with Jonathan Davis because his music created them and Slipknot along with all the rest.


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