Papa Roach’s Videosalon Challenge




Posted on Youtube July 23rd by Maxim, an online Russian magazine for men, Papa Roach is featured in a Videosalon Challenge video.  Paphotopa Roach challenges Yelawolf, Skindred, and Five Finger Death Punch to watch Russian music videos.

During the two and a half minute video, clips of six Russian artists are played with a quick review from Papa Roach on what he thinks of the singers.


First: Amatory – To Stop the Time

Papa Roach says, “These guys are legit.  This sound is very popular everywhere right now amongst the young kids.”

Second: He Kings of Karaoke – Nanomobile

“This chick twerking up on it.  He’s got his little booty dancer in the back.”This Sept. 20, 2012 photo shows Jacoby Shaddix, lead singer of the American rock band Papa Roach, posing for a portrait in New York. Papa Roach is releasing their new album, "The Connection," on Oct. 2. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

Third: Edward FAN Young – Love Me Till it Hurts

“Is this an original song?  The problem is we don’t even know how to play this song.”

Fourth: Dominic Joker – Only Skies Know

“Yeah, not my kind of music.  It’s kind of like pop — straight up pop music.  Not my thing though.”

Fifth: The Singing Panties – Glamour

“You had me at boobs.  Out in the country living that glamorous life.  It’s like, if you talk shit I’m going to stab you with this pitchfork.”

Sixth: ST ft. Dj Kid & Stewart – #Pedals

“We should do a show with these guys over here.  That could be a good fit.  Seems like they put on a fun show too.”


Out of these six, I personally liked only the first, second, and fifth songs.