Parents, Children horrified by Inside Out/Insidious Mix-Up

Parents Children are HORRIFIED by the Inside Out/Insidious Chapter 3 Mix-up. Parents in Ohio went to take their kids to see the new hit Pixar Movie Inside Out. However, when the movie started playing, all the kids and parents saw was images of children being tied up and murdered. The parents and children all fled the movie theater in HORROR. One of the parents that was there when this occurred told Journal-News that “after being terrified by the opening sights and sounds of Insidious: Chapter 3, the children were all scooped up and rushed out of the theater”. The incident occurred by a tiny mistake made by an employee in the projection booth, according to the Theater’s manager. All of the attendees of the show were given a free movie pass as well as a free upgrade to the 3D showing of Inside Out. However, Moore stated that the reimbursement hasn’t helped ease her children’s fears. “I got our money back but the damage is already done… my children are terrified and keep asking questions.”

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  1. Oh my…lol why didn’t they tell someone when the title of the movie came on, and based on previews before the movie.smmh some parents are really dumb no wonder our younger generation is hopeless.


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