Tech N9ne Music Video PBSA

Wow, Strange Music – you’ve done it again. PBSA (feat. CES Cru) hit the internet hard on November 11th, 2015 with its accompanying music video. On it’s way to 115,000 views – and with good reason – I think it’ safe to say this is soon to become another anthem for technicians around the world.

The music is intricately laid, thoughtfully giving way to the command which the lyrics require. Tech blows your mind so many ways in this, one of my new personal favorite videos. Amazing music, fuckin hard lyrics and…stepping out in Ninja robes – now we’re in a movie? Holy shit, a kung-fu movie?! CES Cru delivers knock-out punches stepping into the scene – also suited up.

As is the nature of Tech – there is no angel without demon. No dark without light – pay attention (if ya can handle it) to the storyline of this ‘short film’, it’s quite entertaining and good for some laughs. And as we love that big beautiful smile – Tech signs it with his pearly whites gleaming and seals it with a STRANGE MUSIC INC. logo.


What do you guys think?