Perseverance, Just Keep Swimmin…

Juggalos, I wanna talk to you about some real shit right now, homies. Life isn’t short, or long.  It’s a time frame undefined. After the unexpected turn of events recently, some of us are feeling that more than others – and to the family, friends, close homies of our fallen – I send my condolences, sincerely.

You have to live and you have to live fast.  No, I’m not suggesting that you go hit up that rave you were talking about. I’m not saying go hit the drags, I’m just saying to you that life is so unpredictable, that you never know when the mighty death pops. Sure, we pass around memes, quotes and reminders that are supposed to inspire us to take every opportunity we have – today.

How many of you click that like or share button, only to continue to put off living your lives until tomorrow? What if tomorrow never comes? I can stand up and say that I am guilty. What are we waiting for? Seriously? What excuse do you have that you couldn’t get around?? Where there is a will, there is a way. I think the problem is that some of us have just lost our will.

Life isn’t always lemons, oranges, boogers and limes. Sometimes your basket is full of dog shit you had to pick up out of the yard. Then what? Then we suddenly don’t feel inspired anymore.  But this, this we must push through.  We must keep going, we must exorcise our will to live. It’s important that you understand that. If you want to know the truth – the struggle is where most of life really happens.  It brings about change.

Struggle produces perseverance, perseverance – character and character – hope.

So if your dream is to go back to school and you’ve lost your financial aid – make it happen.  Don’t take no for an answer – that is an answer coming from you and you have the power to change it.

If you dream of breaking out of your small town stale – make it happen. Get your ass up, get in your car or get a bus ticket or hell….WALK if there’s someplace interesting enough within a reasonable walking distance.  Or even further, if you’re really itching to brake free. GO. DO IT.

If you’re biggest wish right now is to have the strength to get out of bed, pick your legs up and plant your feet on the floor.  It’s really that simple.

I’m talking mind over matter here, people.  Don’t quit your jobs, dump your fiancés or take up a porn career because you are feeling froggy – or do.  That’s the point, it’s up to you. You are ultimately in control, and if you let it pass by you, you’ll have only yourself to blame.

Family, I love you. I want to see that each and every one of us overcome the obstacles in our path to success. But it takes work, it takes guts.  It takes doing more than liking or sharing this article. It takes walking away with a commitment to yourself to live this every day, even when it’s more struggle than perseverance.  Even when we don’t want to. Even when it seems impossible.

On the science side of things – The human brain is capable of anything it exerts enough energy on.

On the spiritual side of things – With God, we can move mountains – it’s up to us to bring the shovel.

So, no matter what you do or don’t believe, lost or found, homies – there is evidence everywhere in every system of science and faith that you really CAN do it.

Get with the program, or get dropped out.  Either way, when your number is up, you have no choice but to go. It’s all on you homes.