Petition Created To Make Halloween A Federal Holiday!


For horror lovers of all kinds, Halloween is that one special day of the year where we truly get to celebrate our uniqueness. Running around in costumes becomes the norm, no one judges you for knocking on a stranger’s door to ask for candy (unless you’re over the age of thirteen), and scaring the crap out of people is expected. Despite all the limitless fun there is to be had on Halloween, October 31st is still a day that people have to work and kids have to go to school. When I was growing up, every October brought hope that the 31st would not land on a school day. If it had to be a school day, at least let it be a Friday. Alas, on most of my Halloweens, I had to be in the classroom the next day. Nowadays, I still have to go in for work. For those of us who would rather spend our time watching Jason slay innocent campers while stuffing our faces with candy on the best day of the year, Halloween is still very much treated like a regular day for everyone else, unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving. Well, one Halloween lover is looking to change that.

A man by the name of Richard Doredant is looking to take matters into his own hands, and he has done this by starting a petition to finally make Halloween a federal holiday. He intends to send this petition to the White House, and if it obtains 100,000 signatures by July 25th, the White House will have no choice but to respond. In the petition, Doredant writes:

“We the people call for Halloween to be a federal holiday. Please act to add this celebration to the federal calendar.”

And continues with…

“Halloween, or Hallowe’en, also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October. Halloween is currently the second most important party night in North America. In terms of its retail potential, it is second only to Christmas. This commercialism fortifies its significance as a time of public license, a custom-designed opportunity to have a blast. Regardless of its spiritual complications, Halloween is big business.We respectfully request the White House to look into this issue.”

You can head over to the official White House petitions website to sign it for yourself TODAY!

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