What does Juggalo Love mean to you?

To me, it means love period. Love is supposed to be unconditional, I believe when you truly love someone it includes their strengths, flaws, fears, beauty, intelligence, insecurities, so pretty much everything that makes a person human. But we are talking “Juggalo Love” here, being a Juggalo has always stood for showing love to those who are different. Most of us at one time or another have felt rejection, whether it be from society or from our own family. Thanks to the Dark Carnival we can all come together and be proud of who we are and embrace our differences. We have Hippie Juggalos, Metal Head Juggalos, Mom/Dad Juggalos, Gangsta Juggalos, Gothic Juggalos, Thuggin’ Juggalos, Cop Juggalos, Street Kid Juggalos, and we have Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Juggalos.

Just last night a well known Juggalette named Alexis aka Burger has announced she will be competing in the Miss Juggalette pageant at the 2016 Gathering of the Juggalos. If you don’t know Alexis you might think, big deal, right? Well, the big deal is that she identifies as Transgender. I chose to write this because I believe this is a beautiful thing she is doing, not for herself, but for all the LGBT community in our Juggalo World. There are many Juggalos out there who are LGBT who might be intimidated by the hardcore nature of the lyrics and all around rough edges that Juggalos portray. This is our chance to show the world, and especially each other the true meaning of Juggalo Love. It has already begun with all the women in our community who have supported Alexis to compete. We as “Juggalettes” are proud, strong women and we are setting the example by showing our love and support for Alexis because we understand that she is just like all of us, she wants to feel loved and beautiful. What better way than the “Miss Juggalette Pageant”, which has come a long way since the “Lette’s Respect” movement that took over a few years ago. It’s no longer about who can shove a microphone furthest up her neden, or who can soak the crowd with her squirt. Don’t get me wrong it’s all in good fun, but believe me, gentlemen, we have a lot more to offer!

Lette’s Respect Weighs In On Alexis In The Pageant


I want to thank Alexis for braving a Juggalo audience. We all know we can be harsh critics and are quick to judge, but let’s not forget we are all the same and one main reason we all are Juggalos is because we seek acceptance of who we are or who we aspire to be. Be it a Rapper, a Model, a Super Hero or something as basic as what gender you identify as. We should all support each other in whatever dream we may have.

True Juggalo Family was able to ask Alexis a few questions about herself. I hope this can help us all see that she, is just like any other Juggalette.

Chulita:”When did you first discover the Dark Carnival?”

Alexis:”I was 8 my cousin who was 10 or 11 gave me a riddle box tape. I loved it, got in trouble on the bus for havin’ kids listen to it. Had heard when I was younger than that due to my mom listening to all kinds of music. But didn’t feel that magic ’till then.”

Chulita:”What are your top three favorite songs?”

Alexis: “Hey vato – ICP, ‘The one” -Geno Cultshit, and a tie between “We Belong” and “Marsh Lagoon”. That one was tough!”

Chulita: “What is your favorite Jokers Card?”

Alexis: “Riddlebox for sure because of the connection and also I had amazing times at Juggalo Day/Weekend for RB as well as the two recent shows I caught going to Indiana with a friend, staying at a homies was awesome. Then recently went to Lansing for the last night of the tour and that was amazing, such good vibes in the venue and out for the whole trip last weekend.”

Chulita: “When did you first identify as Transgender?”

Alexis: “I originally identified as what most would call “Bi-Gendered”, meaning in the way one would like either sex. I will always be a trans-woman since I can remember but the “trans” part of those words shouldn’t be all people say or respect but rather the word “Woman”. I was just me male or female pronouns weren’t cool then. Just didn’t like being “it” or “drag queen” that’s when I came to tell people on social media and most of my family. Later on maybe 6 months after that, I knew that I was a girl and that I myself was letting out dated stereotypes and gender roles if you will get to me. It took me a while to get to being comfortable without dressing skanky n doing makeup and so on, I eventually got there. But I know and look back I’ve been a girl long as I can remember. Like I would paint my wrestling figures nails , got caught trying to paint mine few times n playing in make up and such and spent many Halloweens not even as a character just a girl.”

Chulita: “How does it feel to know you have so many people standing behind you?”

Alexis: “It’s overwhelming n Fuckin mind blowing. Do not get me wrong I have a lot of people who have been very cool n understanding these past few years and have been by my side since I first told people I would like to be called she and so on and I love and appreciate it so much for real. People say that they are proud and I’m showing courage and for real people’s support and understanding with me is the fuel to the tank for real. It helps lots with the odd feelings that come from the occasional heckler or purposefully disrespectful person.”

Chulita: “What is your message to anyone who is afraid to express themselves?”

Alexis: “Hmmmm well let’s see. Hesitation and not being yourself may cost you an experience or two. It may bring you a downside or two. But some of the realest shit I ever heard myself was someone once told me “anything in life be it a situation, a person, a feeling anything if it has more positive than negative you should consider doing that in your life and also if more negative than positive may not be something good for ur life”

Chulita: “I’ve seen you in a sash at the Gathering that says “Miss Juggalette”, but this year you will be officially entering the pageant, what made you decide to enter this year?”

Alexis: “That sash was from Miss Rachel Paul, she is a big inspiration to me with her free mind and open thinking very positive. I was going to enter last year had talked about it wasn’t quite sure. That was a gift to show me that I was welcome. I helped in the event last year backstage just making sure people were in line in the right spots and stuff. That’s sash hangs right where I can see it every day, it is a positive reminder to me of the love that this family has for me.”