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Portland Mercury Newspaper Praise Juggalos for being Punk

The Portland Mercury alternative newspaper not only reported about Twiztid’s Juggalo Invasion tour coming to Portland, OR on April 10th at Hawthorne Theatre, but supported Juggalos in general. The music news article described three different acts including Twiztid lumping them in with ICP and ending up equating Juggalos to the Punk movement. It’s a positive review including the mention of putting The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost on an end cap due to its high sells. The Juggalo praise is pretty refreshing. They relate that during their record store employment Juggalos were some of the most positive encounters they had. Then they proceed to defend Juggalos as unfairly judged accusing those who make fun of Juggalos of “hipster classism.” In the end, they straight call the whole Juggalo movement punk.

Portland Mercury~ Juggalo Invasion US Tour

When I was working full time at a record store, some of the most positive interactions I had were with customers who bought CDs by bands like Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid. We shamelessly included ICP’s The Marvelous Missing Link: Found on the new hip-hop releases endcap for probably two months—partially because it sold and also because it was better than whatever album E-40 had released that week. Juggalos and Juggalettes in leisure dress would often tell me that they were stoked we even carried it. Making fun of Juggalos isn’t only unoriginal, it’s hipster classism: Behind the Faygo fountains and psychologically volatile posturing is a community that fosters inclusivity and the empowerment of an oppressed social stratum. And—wait for it—that sounds a lot like punk!

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Both Punks and Juggalos started out being the scrubs of the music subcultures looked upon with much distaste. The difference in our juggaloverse and the Punk culture is pure heart verses scrubby music. Or rather Punk went mainstream while Juggalos got more accepted by the mainstream for it’s true Family values. It’s an interesting comparison and quite surprising for this ninja.

juggalo invasion tour us tour

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