The Juggalo Show Returns To The Airwaves Tonight!

gathering 17

The Juggalo Show makes its’ way back into rotation tonight. It is sure to be a good one tonight considering it is the first one after the Gathering. The highlights to be talked about are sure to be a topic of discussion. Maybe we all might get a little more insight as to what 2017 holds for all of us.

Will we get a little more information on exactly where in Flordia, Juggalo Day Weekend will take place? What about the Gathering in Colorado? Who knows, there could be a few special guests on there tonight. I’m personally curious to see if any progress has been made towards the March on Washington.

So much anticipation and we all just want to know everything right now,… damn it! lol

I guess maybe we should just reflect on the awesomeness that GOTJ 17 was and just look towards Hallowicked.

Either way, Be sure to tune in tonight! You can get there by clicking HERE