Everyone remembers the drama within Kottonmouth Kings and Suburban Noize Records Records that began back in 2013?  KMK went on a rampage trashing everyone, which is how Potluck got dragged into this feud.  Potluck did a lot to stay quiet, and try to remain positive through a lot of this.  This even includes when KMK dissed Potluck on social media.  Referring to them as slaves at one point even, very racist…KMKDissKottonmouth-Kings-Facebook-Page-2

Lets fast forward to right now. Potluck has a new album out tomorrow, and has chosen now to address the situation. Instead of doing all the online bullshit that KMK engaged in, the put pen to paper, went into the studio and wrote about it. Courtesy of HipHopDX, here is Down With The Crown off of Potlucks upcoming album #StonerProblems




We signed to the label cause Ivory and Zinger
We never knew Brad D-Loc or Richter
Respected the hustle cause they made it big
But they treated the people around em like shit

Pak and Richter were cool
Tax and Lou they came around too
But everyone else is as fake as their props
Your suing the label because ya fell off

And just to be honest the music is garbage
your lucky to have a career
Nobody’s checking for Kottonmouth Kings but look
the mighty Dirtball has appeared
He came to save the day
bringing em back with a magic verse
But he joined the band and ruined it all
Just when you think it can’t get any worse

The truth hurts on top of that you guys are fucking racist
Writing about slave owners on Facebook
thats how people get slapped tasteless
Your lucky I’m hippy dude
cause that was some fucked up shit to do
Thinking we started the beef with the video
no thats not even close to true

Tried to get along for years all they did was disrespect
Talk shit behind our back
fucked up our biz they saw us as a threat
Hating cause your insecure
and your record sales are dropping
While the fat lady sings
I’m hammering nails in your coffin

1 Ton:
I don’t video blog or get gangsta on the Internet
I just write a song and make U bitches look like idiots
I rap it how I live it something you aint neva seen before
I’m reppin that real shit, U Chris Rock in CB4

How u call us posers when you a phony smoker?
On the road for 3 months and not once hit the Dosia
You forgot I know ya learned to smoke from a cop
Your old ass is 49 pretending to smoke pot

Ya plants is all plastic an they matching with ya image
Ya Hippycrit bastard ya rap career is finished
You must be delirious ya really got some nerves
Ya side kicks Hillarious a Loc from the burbs

His rap is so horrendous that he’s always scared to flow
He turned down tommy lee he’s missing out on hella dough
Pacin back and forth, scared to bust a rap
He knows his flows is trash and everybody thinks he’s wack

Ya engineer deserves a raise for all the cut and paste
And why was Richter always rappin lyrics you forgot on stage
Retire, Walk Away u a fraud and a fake
You not a king you a customer
Get the fuck up out my face

I can flow for days about your hoe ass ways
And tell the world how u was hatin but its time to turn the page
I’ll Neva be a slave my fist ill fatten up ya lips
U only wish u had the skills to write a rap as good as this