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Pound Syndrome Album Review

Pound Syndrome

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Marcus Jamal Hopson or better known as Hopsin is born on July 18th, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in the Panorama City neighborhood of Los Angeles. Hopsin attended James Monroe High School where he was placed in special education classes. He has been an avid skateboarder since he was 12 years old. There are so many music videos that feature him skateboarding. At the age of 16 he started rapping and took his hobby more seriously by 2003.

During his Music career in 2007 – 2009 he struggled with Ruthless Records before moving on to Funk Volume. In 2007 Hopsin signed with Ruthless Records. He was hailed as one of the driving forces behind attempting to bring Ruthless Records back to previous glory. The debut single “Pans In The Kitchen” which was released on May 27th, 2008. The album was supposed to have been self-produced and feature no collaborations with other artists.


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However, his debuted album Gazing at the Moonlight didn’t get released until October 27th, 2009, with little to no promotion. Not to long after the album’s release, Hopsin sought his release from Ruthless Records.

Pound Syndrome is the forth studio album by Hopsin. The album was released today July 24th, 2015. In this album alone spawned three singles: “Ill Mind of Hopsin 7“, “Crown Me” and “Fly“. Just a little reminder about what happened December 25, 2014. Hopsin released a video on his YouTube page entitled “The REAL reason Hopsin left the music industry” with labelmate Jarren Benton. In the video he stated that he was NOT quitting the rap game and that it was all a gag to reveal his new album, Pound Syndrome.

I have been listening to Pound Syndrome

Pound Syndrome

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 now for the past 45 minutes now and I have found that there are some songs that I really enjoyed. “The Pound (Intro)” is a really good one. I found that I liked that little intro. “Ramona ft Jarren Benton is a pretty good song as well. Ramona is apparently a groupie stalker that stalked Hopsin. She is very crazy and completely in love with Hopsin. I think Ramona is fuckin funny, just because of the voices and the story line he tells about him.  “No Hope” was also one of my favorites. The beat and the music is really badass. He just goes all out and speaks his mind in this song. From homies to Babymama asking for money and not really being there from the jump. “No Words (Skit)” was fuckin’ HILARIOUS! He went off and made fun of Lil’ Wayne and Chedda Da Connect.


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Fly” is a good song as well, because it hits home for some people because he talks about life events. He tells how certain life that we choose or that we try to look like and try to be. He tells us that we need to open our eyes and mind to get where we need to in life. That we all hide behind TV, social media and what society wants us to think and feel. The music video is pretty powerful as well. You can check it out HERE while you continue reading this review. Peep out the playlist below and see what you think about Pound Syndrome. In my opinion I love this album and would DEFINITELY be buying this album soon. I give this album TWO THUMBS up and a hell motherfuckin’ yeah. That’s how excited I am about this album and how much I REALLY like this album. I hope you enjoy it too and leave us some feedback in the comments below.



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