Producer Heartbeatz Talks ‘Top Of The Line'

Producer Heartbeatz Talks ‘Top Of The Line’

Producer Heartbeatz talked with Strange Music about his work and enthusiasm for Rittz’s new album Top of the Line. Heartbeatz produced recently released “Propane” along with the unheard tracks “Cold Blooded,” “Just Say No,” “Nostalgia,” and “Is That That Bitch.”  He has been making beats for 7 years and is very excited about hearing Top of the Line. He may have made the beats, but he hasn’t heard what Rittz has laid over them yet. Though he hasn’t heard the songs he produced he has listened to Rittz in the past and was sursprised to be working with him. Rittz found out about Heartbeatz through a mutaul friend and hit him up about some beats after hearing some of his work. What’s really surprising is that the beat for “Propane” was finished back in October of 2014. Hearing that track has really got Heatbeatz excited to hear the rest of the album.

So far, I haven’t heard a lot of the songs except for “Propane” of course, so I’m really looking forward to the 6th of May. As far as the beats go, I’m really digging the “Nostalgia” beat. I’m really looking forward to hearing what he recorded on that.

With Propane, I produced that beat with an R&B sound in mind, so it was really surprising to me when I heard that Rittz picked that one. I can’t exactly tell you how that beat came together because I don’t really remember to be honest. I probably just messed around with the notes and came up with the melody. It was finished in early October 2014, so a lot of time has passed since then.

Heatbeatz is all the way in Munich, Germany which has an apparently thriving hip hop scene. It’s interesting that he has listened to Strange Music and Rittz all the way over there. But, he does say that he is in the probably second biggest hip hop scene over there. This was the first time he has worked with a Strange Music artist though is hopeful it isn’t his last.

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