Project Born Takes Death Slide Under their Wing

Project Born Takes Death Slide Under their Wing

Project Born Takes Death Slide Under their Wing

Project Born has signed Death Slide taking this new Bass Metal band under their wing, so to speak. They will be touring and working on projects together. A lot of you are already fans of Project Born. Now, you’ll be witnessing a new kind of wicked shit along side them also. So, not only will you see them open up for Project Born you will also hear them record some tracks together. They really think this new up and coming Death Metal version of the wicked shit will tantalize your earholes. These two groups grind hard and are coming together to bring some real wicked shit to the fam. 13 FullMoons Films will also be bringing more Camp Fire Horror Stories to DATV and Youtube.

Death Slide Talk To the Family

They provided a short video for True Juggalo Family about their signing with Project Born, their park tour, and how they became Juggaos. Peep out the video. Make sure those speakers are all the way up!

With this exciting news they have shared a couple tracks from their upcoming LP, Lunar Effect. First up is “Heart Attack” featuring Sasquatch Hatchetmen. Next up is “Deep Devotion.” These are just a little taste of the devastation that is in store. Keep up with all that is going on with the LP and horror show on their official Facebook Page.

lunar effect death slide

death slide signed to project born

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