Hello all you gorgeous Juggalos and Juggalettes!!! CameraNinja here! I want to take some of your time to showcase an amazing gallery of photos. What kind of photos, you ask?? Well… my friends… I’m sure most of you have seen her on our site as well as others for her incredible talent. Her name is Lucy Owen.

For the past six plus months, Lucy has been working on a SUPER SECRET project with over 100 everyday Juggalettes, including myself. It is an admirable project to showcase how normal, yet incredible we are as misunderstood Juggalettes to the outside world. The gallery was open in Detroit at the Start Gallery from December 4th through the 19th. The gallery was perfectly titled, “BEAUTIFUL (INDESTRUCTIBLE): the women of the Juggalo world”.

The mission… to take 3 selfies.. one when you first wake up (no cheating!), one for your everyday normal life, and one for your show day look (or how you dress at shows). She also included a few questions to show our personal side.

Lucy had a few paintings from some of the selfies but she put the bulk of the selfies and put them into a beautiful video slideshow and had a couple of ladies read our quotes as the slideshow goes on.

If you have been keeping up with Lucy on facebook or her website,… you would have seen some photos of the paintings that she did. Click [HERE] for that article..I have the exclusive, never before seen from anyone other than gallery patrons, video slideshow of Project Ninjette. (Project Ninjette is the name of the slideshow, BEAUTIFUL: INDESTRUCIBLE is the name of the entire gallery).


SHALL WE TAKE A GANDER?!?! oh… you can find me at around 1:48- 1:55 😉


I just want to close this by giving a HUGE thank you to the most amazing lady we know as Lucy Owen for giving me, CameraNinja, and the rest of the Juggalette world, a chance to be a part of this super secret project. It has been incredible to see the project unfold and as Lucy, I am very proud that all of the 100+ gorgeous participants kept it so hush hush. GOOD ON YA, LADIES!!!  Can’t wait to see what Lucy has in store for us next!!




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