Prophets Of Rage To Demonstrate At RNC In July

Prophets Of Rage

For centuries, bands and solo artists have stood up against the system in the best way that they know how; through music. That being said, it was really only a matter of time before someone in the music industry took it upon themselves to stand up for what’s right during the 2016 election season. While there are plenty of musicians out there who could do the job justice, it seems as though one group, in particular, has actually set out the make it happen. The brand new supergroup known as Prophets Of Rage will be making an appearance at the Republican National Convention coming up in July, in order to protest the systemic problems that the United States is currently facing. Guitarist Tom Morello had this to say concerning the groups’ arrival, courtesy of Rock Feed:

“Well there’s a thing called the Republican National Convention in July, and that will be a perfect place for a band like Prophets of Rage to cause a ruckus, and we will be there on the streets, in the field. We have a venue and there may be venues that will be spontaneous venues, it’s hard to say. This is the kind of thing you don’t broadcast to the local authorities prior to arrival.”

Adding to the idea of America’s most pressing issues being caused by the system, Morello also stated:

“The underlying problems are systemic. The songs that we’ve been writing about for decades attack the system, not the individual candidates. How people change the world, it starts around people’s kitchen tables, it starts in their classrooms, it starts wherever people talk about making a world we want to one day see.”

Now this is not the first time that Rage has involved themselves alongside with the public at the RNC or the DNC. The video below is probably the most infamous, though. My favorite quote from it is “Apparently there is some other show across the street but it is all SOLD OUT

We’ve all seen or at least heard of all the drama surrounding Republican candidate Donald Trump, so it’ll be interesting to see how such a loud demonstration will be received. So while there has been no specific word on whether the group has direct disdain for controversial GOP nominee, one thing is certain; a performance from Prophets Of Rage during the RNC will be talked about for years to come.

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