Psychopathic Seeking Juggalos For “Juggalos Against Humanity”!


During the Insane Clown Posse seminar at Gathering 17, many fresh details were revealed about upcoming events. Among the excitement of the Juggalo march on Washington and the location of Juggalo Day Weekend 2017, the clowns also announced another new card game. This time around, Juggalos Against Humanity is in the works! Based off of the popular adult game Cards Against Humanity, this version will no doubt be filled with juggalo flavor. After all, everything is better when you add a little juggalo to it, right?

Well, no one knows this better than the heads over at Psychopathic Records. In fact, announced earlier today, they are now actively seeking help from the juggalos. The game’s production is already in full effect, but they want our aid in finishing it! As stated by J-Webb

We want this game to reflect the wacky sense of humor that we all share as Juggalos while at the same time being engaging, fun, and challenging. So we want YOU to submit suggestions for Question/Phrase cards (“The Black Cards”) and Answer cards (“The White Cards”) [although we’ll be using different colored cards for OUR game].”

If you submit a question and it is chosen, your name will be included in the rulebook. Therefore, you will forever be known as part of the creative team that will bring us Juggalos Against Humanity! The following is the set procedure you must follow in order to submit for the game:

  1. Feel free to submit both a Question/Phrase card and an Answer card with your submission (they don’t have to go together. The key to Juggalos Against Humanity is the total randomness) And yes, you may submit as many as you like! In fact, the more the merrier!

  2. Send your submission to with the subject line “Juggalos Against Humanity.”

  3. The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 9, 2016

If you would like to be a big part of juggalo history, send in your submissions today! Whoop whoop!

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