Psychopathic Records Catalog Available Digitally on Hatchet Gear soon!

Psychopathic Records Catalog Available Digitally

In this weeks edition of the Hatchet Herald  and on Psychopathic Radio last night we found out that the entire, that’s right, the entire Psychopathic Records Catalog available digitally on Hatchet Gear. This is what the Herald had to say about it.

Did you lose that copy of “Dog Beats” from way back in the day? Did your homie steal your copy of Jumpsteady’s “The Chaos Theory?” Have you never heard Psychopathic throwbacks like Myzery’s “Para La Isla” or the notorious “Tales From the Lotus Pod?” Well, you’ll soon get your chance to hear that rare flavor again because soon you will be able to purchase almost the entire Psychopathic catalog via digital download at Hatchet Gear! Our computer ninja Mean Dean is working furiously to upload our back catalog and right now, he’s working his way through the ICP library. Soon, we’ll have almost every major Psychopathic release available for digital purchase…at a cheaper price than iTunes or any of those other big ass corporate online sites. Click under the ‘Media’ section of Hatchet Gear and you will see the new Digital Download category. Plug in that smartphone or iPod and start downloading, baby!




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