Psychopathic Records Digital Downloads Updated

Psychopathic Records Digital Downloads UpdatedPsychopathic Records

Psychopathic Records added a ton of content available for digital download a few weeks ago, and now they’ve added more.  Upping the total to 29 albums total that you can purchase and download digitally.  While they don’t have the entire Psychopathic library up yet, 29 albums is still a lot to pick from.  I prefer physical copies, but if you don’t then click HERE or on the image above to start purchasing your digital copies from the Psychopathic  library.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer the old school or the new school, you can find most of it here.  Sadly Twiztid isn’t in this list as they own the rights to their music and are doing re-releases.  If you’re missing something in your collection, now is the time to head over to Hatchet Gear and pick up a digital releases for 8.99!

Psychopathic Records Psychopathic Records Psychopathic Records Psychopathic Records



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