psychopathic records new artist

Psychopathic Records Revealing New Artist at Gathering 17

The Gathering 17 Infomercial revealed earlier today that Psychopathic Records have signed a new artist who will be revealed at Gathering 17 on Friday, July 22nd. This reveal is said to be in a video shown on main stage. There is also mention of a mystery performance each night also on main stage. So, hopefully, one of these mystery performances will be this new mystery artist.

Now, that’s is quite surprising and exciting news. It’s anybody’s guess who this new undisclosed artist may be. But, that’s not all! This new artist will have a 6 track EP available at the Hatchetgear Merch Booth. Watch the part where they mention this new mystery artist below. You can also start it from the beginning and watch all the freshness to come this epic year of the the Gathering.

Make sure to check out the Juggalo Gathering website for more info!

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